Reviews Shower Praise on The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere; Angela Kang Teases Gamma's Story to EW;

This week, the Season 10 Premiere is applauded in early reviews, while Angela Kang teases Gamma's story to Entertainment Weekly. Plus, posts a new featurette that casts the Whisperers in a sinister light. Read on for more:

Den of Geek gives kudos to the Season 10 Premiere,saying "the episode is a great success."

Entertainment Weekly gets Whisperers intel from Angela Kang, who says "that there’s a really powerful story to tell about the soldiers on the ground. And so that’s what the story of Gamma is, and I think Thora [Birch] brings such humanity and also badassery to the role. I’m just enamored with her work and hopefully other people are too."

• Ahead of the Season 10 Premiere, Undead Walking applauds, "Two things are immediately clear after watching The Walking Dead Season 10: 1) It’s entirely possible to have an amazing version of The Walking Dead in the post-Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) era, and 2) Season 10 will go down as one of the best of the entire franchise." hails the Season 10 Premiere: "The upcoming episode is true to the best of The Walking Dead's form through ten years, masterfully reminding fans why they have stuck around through this many episodes and welcoming back viewers who previously abandoned ship."

Decider proclaims that The Walking Dead's Season 10 premiere "will remind you why it’s still one of the biggest shows on TV. From the jaw-dropping opening moment, to a final, quiet ominous shot, Walking Dead comes out swinging with renewed purpose throughout the episode." calls the Season 10 opener "the show’s most confident premiere in years" and observes that "there’s a sense the show has a clearer, more stable, vision this time around – allowing it to travel at its own pace without the pressures of big shocks or revelations straight out the gate."

• After watching Season 10's first three episodes, Forbes "can’t wait to see what’s next." showcases a new featurette -- part of the show's 10 weeks of TWD X reveals leading up to the Season 10 Premiere -- where Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her Whisperers are castigated as "the terrorists of the apocalypse," according to Avi Nash's Siddiq.

• Scott Gimple explains to Variety that Michonne's (Danai Gurira) final arc was "one of the most important stories we were telling this season. And Danai is a writer of note, so she’s always kept me honest. The thing that brings out the best in The Walking Dead is the pressure not to let people down."

• Teasing Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Season 10 role, Angela Kang tells TVLine, "I think in the comics, even if he called Rick the King S— Motherf—er, he’s used to being that guy himself. So to be in jail for years was a big ego blow. He wants to be important. He wants to be valued. So that can take many different forms."

• Norman Reedus explains to The Hollywood Reporter, "Daryl is such a different character this year. It's nice when he moves. The ghosts of the people who were here before him are weighing on his shoulders. He's a different dude now."

TVLine talks Carol (Melissa McBride) and Alpha with Greg Nicotero, who says, "Knowing Carol’s history, I think [a smackdown is] pretty likely. She really doesn’t take things lying down."

• Discussing Rosita (Christian Serratos), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Siddiq with Entertainment Weekly, Angela Kang says, "It’s so much fun for us to kind of deal with this love quadrangle. In the apocalypse, it’s really a version of, it takes a village. It really truly does. And this is just the most kind of overt and strange version of it."

TV Insider introduces an exclusive Season 10 teaser where Aaron (Ross Marquand) "lifts what appears to be an entire full-bodied skin off of the ground. Not only is it the grossest thing ever, but it's also pretty darn terrifying considering what the walker-wearing Whisperers might have been planning to do with it."

• Speaking with about a Season 10 scene with Anthony Azor's RJ, Cailey Fleming says that "it was really cool to be able to just, you know have a sweet moment with my little brother. And so, getting to tell RJ that little story about the brave man, it's like Judith has this one little piece of Rick left and she's trying to share that." speaks with Ross Marquand, who says Aaron's efforts at diplomacy don't work with the Whisperers because "they are just completely unreasonable, insane people. And, you have to deal with them the only way you deal with crazy people, which is, unfortunately in this case, to meet their violence with our own violence." checks out new Season 10 character posters of Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Judith, Negan, Alpha and Beta (Ryan Hurst), with the caption "Keep to your side."

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The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on AMC.