• Negan has made it clear that he is a man of his word: Follow his rules and you’ll stay on his good side; step out of line and you’ll wish you had never crossed him. But there is more to his seemingly harsh dictatorship. The rules are in place for a reason – there’s a purpose behind every swing of his bat. His forceful approach to leadership, mixed with his charismatic persona, makes him an unpredictable leader, as Rick will soon discover.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s charisma, charm, and versatility have landed him in a variety of prestigious films and television series working alongside award-winning actors and filmmakers. Having worked nonstop the past few years, Morgan continues to capture the attention of Hollywood and has emerged as one of the industry’s most sought-after leading men.

    Morgan began his career in television. In 2005 and 2006, he endeared himself to television audiences worldwide with three concurrent recurring roles: in the CW series Supernatural as John Winchester, in the ABC hit series Grey’s Anatomy as transplant patient Denny Duquette, and in Showtime’s award-winning comedy series Weeds as Judah Botwin — all of which made Morgan a universal fan favorite.

    He then starred in the feature film P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank and captivated genre fans as Edward Morgan Blake/The Comedian for director Zack Snyder in Watchmen, an adaptation of the iconic graphic novel. Morgan then went on to star in The Losers, an adaptation of DC Vertigo’s acclaimed comic book series, produced by Joel Silver and directed by Sylvain White; and in Ang Lee’s film Taking Woodstock. He then appeared in the murder mystery The Texas Killing Fields with Sam Worthington, Chloe Moretz and Jessica Chastain.

    Morgan’s additional feature film credits include Peace, Love & Misunderstanding alongside Catherine Keener, Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Olsen for director Bruce Beresford; the thriller The Possession with Kyra Sedgwick for producer Sam Raimi; Red Dawn, the reboot of the 1984 action movie; The Salvation with Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival; Heist alongside Robert De Niro; and Solace opposite Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, and Abbie Cornish. This year, he reteamed with Zack Snyder when he made a cameo appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Morgan also starred alongside Gael García in the thriller Desierto, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015 and won the International Critics’ Award.

    In 2012, Morgan starred as hotel owner Ike Evans in the critically acclaimed Starz series Magic City, which depicted mob life in 1950s Miami.

    More recently, he co-starred alongside Halle Barry in the second season of the CBS series Extant, created by Mickey Fisher and produced by Steven Spielberg; he also starred in the Emmy®-nominated History Channel miniseries Texas Rising with Bill Paxton and Ray Liotta, which depicted the Texas revolution against Mexico; and starred in the final season of the Emmy® Award-winning CBS series The Good Wife, in which he portrayed freelance investigator Jason Crouse.

    Morgan made his debut in the final episode of Season 6 of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead as the infamous antagonist Negan. His performance in this episode earned him a 2016 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series. He also won the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Villain.

    Set to release in April 2018, Morgan also stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming New Line film Rampage, based on the classic arcade game and set to be released in April 2018.