• Eugene's priorities have never been in question. His ability to survive this long has always been based on his selfishness; camouflaging and adapting to whatever person will keep him alive continues to be his greatest talent. But deep down, beneath the fear and insecurities that drive him, he is someone who just wants to be appreciated and respected.

  • Josh McDermitt was born and raised in an eclectic family, full of life and practical jokesters, in Phoenix, Arizona. While some kids grow up playing at the park or riding ATVs, McDermitt rode around in a hot air balloon, which not only entertained the family but also most of the neighborhood. By the age of 16, Josh was flying the balloon as a licensed pilot. His family still has the balloon to this day.

    Growing up, McDermitt wanted to be a police officer or detective but fell into radio at the early age of 14, working at a local station where he discovered his talent for creating characters.

    After graduating from Grand Canyon University and working at the radio station for more than 10 years, McDermitt wanted to try stand-up comedy. He quickly became addicted to being in front of an audience, telling jokes about his crazy, creative family and life experiences. After two years of doing shows around town, he auditioned for NBC’s Last Comic Standing and made it to the semifinals. As one of the 50 comics picked nationwide, the show put McDermitt on the map in the comedy world. He decided to go on the road full time, opening on tour for some of the best comedians, including Joe Rogan, Louis CK, and Dave Attell.

    McDermitt soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue work in film and television. In 2011, McDermitt landed a series regular role on TV Land’s Retired at 35. For two seasons he starred as Brandon, the pool man and best friend to Dave, a man who decides to quit the corporate rat race in New York City and retire in Florida at age 35. The series presented McDermitt with the opportunity to work with acting legends such as Academy Award® nominee George Segal and Emmy® Award winner Jessica Walter. After 20 episodes, McDermitt landed his next acting gig, AMC’s The Walking Dead. McDermitt also recurred on AMC’s final season of Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men, in a dramatically different role.

    On film, McDermitt recently starred in two independent features, both of which received critical acclaim on the festival circuit: Middle Man, a dark comedy written and directed by Ned Crowley, and Life in Color, a romantic comedy written and directed by Katherine Emmer.

    McDermitt is currently pitching and developing several writing projects. He also loves charity work and actively supports several organizations, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, and various foundations that support pancreatic cancer research. In his downtime, you can catch McDermitt playing basketball, fishing, golfing, and cooking. He is also a self-proclaimed mixologist.