From Carol and Daryl to Strand and Madison, The Walking Dead Universe's Best Duos

The future is bright for great TWD duos. Carol and Daryl's forthcoming show only formalizes what we already knew: these two make a great pair. But they're hardly the only great twosome within the TWD Universe. There have been so many other memorable duos throughout the history of the universe. In celebration of Carol and Daryl getting to do their thing full-time in the future, we're breaking down some of the best teams in TWD history -- not including any obvious romantic partnerships (sorry, Richonne) -- starting with...


Rick and Shane


The original TWD Universe buddy cops, this one didn't end so well. But these guys were legitimately best buddies, family even, in a sick twisted kind of way. One affair later, and it ends with Rick stabbing his bestest pal in the heart. But there were some good times here: sitting in a cop car together gabbing before the apocalypse, passive-aggressively worrying that Lori's baby was Shane's, etc.


Rick and Daryl


With Shane out of the picture, Rick needed a new best friend. Daryl stepped in to fill the void, and later an even bigger void as a surrogate father to Rick's kids. This one doesn't end so great either. Daryl contributes to Rick's presumed death, but there are definitely some good times here. Hopefully wherever the CRM took Rick, he's made some friends that he hasn't gotten into a devastating brawl with.

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Carol and Daryl


These two have been close for so long, that it feels almost inevitable that they're getting their own spin-off after The Walking Dead concludes. More than any two characters on the show, they've really been there for each other. They've helped each other cope as victims of abuse, been there through the deaths of children, family and friends, mental breakdowns, living in the woods and on boats, and have gone on some rad journeys together (remember that bridge?). There's more to come here, and who knows, maybe all the people who have been shipping these two for a decade will finally get their wish.

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Rick and Morgan


Two of the TWD Universe's most volatile characters can never seem to get on the same page when it comes to their desires for either war or peace -- except for that one time they both killed every Savior they could get their hands on. Even through their ups and downs, they've been crucial figures in each other's lives. They were present for the first collision of worlds in the TWD Universe, and a series of other fascinating encounters. We can never forget when Rick found Morgan during the craziest time in his life, or the time when Morgan barged in on Rick mid-murder of Pete—plus there's always their aforementioned Savior-killing spree.

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Daryl and Beth


One of the coolest relationships definitely belongs to these two, who after being separated from the group share a drunken night together. After drinking moonshine (like any true pair who can't handle their liquor), they have a knockdown-drag-out fight, which leads to some major catharsis. Daryl opens up about his past like he has to few others. But the real fun really started when they burned down a building together. No wonder Daryl takes Beth's death extra hard.


Alpha and Beta


Perhaps they aren't buddies in the strictest sense, but they're certainly a pair -- though a pair of what is an open question. It can be argued that nobody has a more meaningful and deep relationship in the entire TWD Universe than these two. Who else can you think of that carries the head of their dead buddy around after their death other than Beta? Nobody. He's devoted. And Alpha, who was going to kill her own daughter to prove some sort of bizarre point, is actually kind of loyal to Beta. It's almost touching. Almost.

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Madison and Strand


Strand was pure cynicism and betrayal until he met Madison. She did for him what nobody else did: she brought him into her family. While he's still the same old Strand in a lot of ways, he's still loyal to Alicia (Madison's daughter) in a way that he's not to anyone else. And who can forget Madison and Strand getting drunk at that bar together before a ton of walkers barged in? Using the bottles to fight them off was absolutely classic.

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Maggie and Carol


When Maggie returned to The Walking Dead, masked warrior in tow, she revealed she'd been in touch with Carol while she was away. That shows the strength of their friendship, even if this is a duo that hasn't spent that much time together on screen. (Besides that one awesome and terrifying time they fought off and killed a handful of Saviors on their own.) So this is more of an aspirational inclusion, hoping there are many more instances of this awesome duo ahead.

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As you can see, there's already a glorious history of pairings in the TWD Universe. While some of these friendships have been severed by death or untimely helicopter abduction, there are certainly more pairings in the works. Carol and Daryl will do their thing full-time in the future, bonds galore are being formed in The Walking Dead: World Beyond among the kids outside their safe walls, and unlikely friendships are forming as the survivors of FEAR are forced into new pairings under Virginia's rule.

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