Who Is the Man in the Mask With Maggie From The Walking Dead? Five Theories So Wild They Can't Possibly Be True

A lot of TWD fans' wishes were fulfilled in the Season 10 Special Event of The Walking Dead. The Whisperers were destroyed once and for all, Maggie returned to save the day, and Connie was revealed to be alive after all.

Of course mysteries still remain to be unraveled, including one of the biggest in recent memory: the arrival of a masked warrior with Maggie. Who is behind that mask? The mystery is so enticing, that we can't help but get in on the speculation. Here are five theories so wild they can't possibly be true.

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 The Theory: Maggie Cloned Glenn

Wherever Maggie is, their technology is way beyond what the survivors are working with. When Georgie showed up to entice Maggie back in Season 9, she had some saved schematics, and a reasonable amount of fuel and bullets at a time when the communities were desperately short on both.

Why We Desperately Want This Theory to Be True: Maggie would get Glenn back. Imagine the possibilities. Who would be next? Abraham? Yep. Carl? Keep going.

Why This Theory Can't Be True: Even with some degree of technological advancement greater than Alexandria and the Hilltop, having enough gasoline seems challenging for even the most advanced societies of the apocalypse... so human cloning is not going to happen.

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The Theory: A Cyborg

Warriors in suits like this are often cyborgs. So that checks out.

Why We Desperately Want This Theory to Be True: Goodbye walker problems.

Why This Theory Can't Be True: Hello cyborg problems.

The Theory: Hershel Standing on Top of Another Child

Well, if this isn't Hershel, then where exactly is Hershel?

Why We Desperately Want This Theory to Be True: Why didn't Maggie bring Hershel with her? Come on. Surely everyone wants him there.

Why This Theory Can't Be True: Maggie doesn't seem like the type to endanger her kid by bringing him into the middle of a massive battle like this. Plus, the man in the mask had some seriously smooth moves. Not the type of moves a kid standing on top of another kid could master. I guess we'll have to wait for a Hershel sighting.

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The Theory: Maggie Figured Out How to Turn Walkers Into Soldiers

As previously mentioned, we don't know what kind of technology Maggie's new community is working with. We've seen various group's experimenting on walkers before...

Why We Desperately Want This Theory to Be True: What's the ultimate weapon in a world besieged by walkers? Alpha knew the answer.

Why This Theory Can't Be True: We don't even want to think about the implications there. Nope. Moving along.

The Theory: Rick

Mr. Grimes disappeared around the same time as Maggie, didn't he?

Why We Desperately Want This Theory to Be True: Two old heroes coming back to save the day are better than one.

Why This Theory Can't Be True: Rick was taken away in a helicopter by Jadis and the CRM. Plus, Maggie probably would've mentioned in one of her letters to Michonne if she was just hanging out with her old friend's husband.


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