Pandemic Fashion Tips from The Walking Dead Universe

The new pandemic world we currently find ourselves in has led to some, shall we say, adjustments when it comes to our wardrobe choices and personal style. (Masks...they’re not just for The Whisperers anymore!) Figuring out safe (yet still stylish) pandemic wear has many of us pulling out the hair we haven’t had trimmed in months.

When it comes to pandemic fashion and grooming, the characters of The Walking Dead Universe have been living in a world without online shopping, clothing stores, hairdressers or fashion blogs for over a decade now. Read on to discover tips on everything from functional, trendy clothing, to pandemic hairstyles from Rick, Maggie, Princess, and the rest of the post-apocalyptic trendsetters that inhabit the world of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.


Go Medieval on Your Wardrobe


When King Ezekiel, Jerry, and the rest of the Kingdom made their first appearance back in “The Well,” Carol was (rightly) in awe of their awesome majesty. Over time, The Kingdom’s chosen clothing style (armor, knee pads, etc.) has proved to be both style conscious and extremely useful in battle. While you may not be slashing Walkers with your pet tiger by your side (not yet, at least), the Kingdom’s medieval garb could prove handy while navigating your way through the toilet paper-clutching hordes at the supermarket.


Accessorize the Princess Way


From the moment Ezekiel, Eugene, and Yumiko encountered Princess, a fashion icon was born. The most stylish person in Pittsburgh (also the only person in Pittsburgh), Princess’ eclectic outfit and exuberant personality brought a burst of color to the dark world of The Walking Dead. Fans love her frilly pink jacket, but Princess really earns pandemic points for her functional and stylish accessories. Those goggles and fingerless gloves are the perfect addition to any pandemic wardrobe, whether you’re looking to protect yourself on the subway or avoid landmines with your newfound pals.


Facial Covering, Whisperers Style


Now that masks are a major part of our daily lives, Alpha and The Whisperers are suddenly on the cutting edge of fashion. Sure, covering your face with Walker skin is pretty gruesome, but it’s also safe and courteous when it comes to containing germs. (It’s only a matter of time before we all start wearing masks that resemble our own faces.) And don’t forget about Edwin Jenner, the CDC virus specialist who wore a face shield back in Season One while attempting to discover the cause of the outbreak. Who could’ve predicted that Jenner would end up being the Anthony Fauci of The Walking Dead Universe?

If you’re looking for a facial covering that doesn’t involve carving up Walkers, look to the wide variety of scarves and bandanas worn by Alicia, Strand, Daryl, Negan, and many others. The on-trend facial coverings seen frequently in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, provide characters with protection and make them look like awesome Walker-killing bandits.

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Negan =  Fall Fashion Goals


If you’ve been spending time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you’re probably looking for a cozy fall wardrobe to go with your new rustic lifestyle. Way before the Coachella crowd got hip to the boho chic aesthetic, The Walking Dead crew were rocking the earthy, living-off-the-land look, because they were, you know, actually living off the land.

Looking for something that isn’t quite a jacket, and not quite a sweater to wear for a day of socially distanced apple picking? The ponchos worn by Daryl and Maggie are the perfect mix of comfort and Western flair, whether you’re sipping pumpkin spice lattes or taking down Walkers.

While Michonne and others may have doubted Negan’s loyalty, one thing that’s never been in question is his ability to rock a killer leather jacket and red scarf combo. The jacket is perfect for cooler fall temps, and the scarf doubles as a handy face covering to keep you safe from germs or guard your face from splatter while doing some damage with Lucille.

Lastly, when it comes to stylish fall wear, don’t sleep on the shearling suede jacket that Rick sported during Season Four, or the brown dusters favored by Fear the Walking Dead’s Naomi. And speaking of dusty, we can’t forget about Beta’s slick leather trench coat. Sure, it may not smell great, seeing as how it’s covered in Walker guts and all, but it keeps the big guy warm as he skulks menacingly through the woods.


Hats Off to The Walking Dead


Whether you’re exploring your outdoor dining options or embarking on a socially distanced hike, you could probably use a good hat. The characters of The Walking Dead Universe know that a hat comes in handy to keep the sun out of your eyes and avoid getting blindsided by a hungry Walker. But which hat from The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is right for you? Are you a fan of the rugged Western-style hats favored by Karl, Rick, Judith, Maggie, and John Dorie? Perhaps a khaki cap, like the one Rosita sports while blasting Walkers, is more your style? And if a classic throwback is your thing, opt for a baseball cap like the one Glenn wore during the first few seasons. (We miss you, Glenn!)


Pandemic Hair with Flair


Lately you’ve probably been debating whether a trip to the hairdresser is safer than opting for an at-home haircut. If you’re looking for follicle inspiration during these challenging times, consider the fact that the characters from The Walking Dead Universe have been sporting a variety of creative haircuts for a while now with nary a Supercuts in sight. Just look at Jadis, whose stylish bangs prove that you don’t have to look like trash while hanging out in a trash dump.

Need an easy at-home haircut for the kids? Grab a pasta strainer and a pair of scissors, and give your tyke a classic bowl cut favored by young Henry and Alexandria resident/cookie fiend Sam.

If your hair is getting on the longer side, you could opt to let those locks flow like Carl or take a cue from Alpha and go full cue ball.

Finally, there’s one Walking Dead Universe hairstyle that’s due for a comeback -- Eugene’s sweet, luxurious mullet. Everyone’s favorite amateur ham radio enthusiast has opted for a short crop of late. But when Eugene made his first appearance way back in “Inmates,” he sported a confident head of hair that was all business in the front, party in the back. Now more than ever, we need Eugene’s epic mullet to unite us during these difficult times. We think its iconic status within The Walking Dead Universe is something we can all agree on.

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