Relive the Biggest Moments From Morgan's Journey Before Fear the Walking Dead Season 6

When we last saw Morgan at the end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, he had been shot by Virginia and walkers were closing in on him. Morgan appears to have survived, but he's alone and not in good shape. If he did indeed escape the encounter with Virginia with his life, it's pushed him to the very brink of survival. How did it come to this for Morgan?

For a character that's been around since the very first episode of The Walking Dead, it's been a long and arduous journey with no shortage of momentous events. In preparation for Fear Season 6 and the next chapter for Morgan, we've broken down the biggest moments of his apocalyptic experience.

The Death of Jenny

In their home state of Georgia (then also home to Rick Grimes), Morgan, his son Duane, and his wife Jenny, weathered the early outbreak by following government orders to evacuate and head towards Atlanta. After witnessing death and destruction on the road, they sought shelter in an abandoned home. Despite Morgan's best efforts, in what would become the turning point of his life, Jenny was bitten by a walker and turned. Morgan, unable to kill walker-Jenny, let her out instead and became even more protective of his one remaining loved one, Duane.

Meeting Rick

Morgan's years-long friendship with Rick gets off to an inauspicious start when Morgan and Duane trap and attack Rick, tie him up, and bring him back to the home they're sheltering in. The adversarial nature of their relationship doesn't last long, as Morgan immediately unties -- and even feeds -- Rick once he confirms his new friend isn't infected. Morgan explains what walkers are to a still ignorant Rick, and confesses that he can't bring himself to kill walker-Jenny. Thus begins what is arguably the most important new relationship in Morgan's life for many years to come. When Rick leaves to find Lori and Carl, Morgan promises to follow, but he's never able to contact Rick, which will have dire consequences for Morgan's life.

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Losing Duane

The time that follows -- when he fails to follow Rick and join the fledgling group of survivors Rick would form -- is shrouded in mystery, but one more tragic event that shaped Morgan is clear. While he and Duane remained in Georgia, Morgan's son was tragically bitten by his own mother-turned-walker. This was the event that caused Morgan to snap and become violent. He then finally put down Jenny, and goes on a rampage, killing every walker he can find.

Reunited With Rick

Morgan's second meeting with Rick happens just like the first: at gunpoint. He finds Rick, Carl, and Michonne on a supply run, and pins them down from a roof. The standoff ends with Carl shooting Morgan in the chest, though luckily Morgan was wearing a bulletproof vest. Inside the building, they discover Morgan's infamous scribbles all over the walls. Morgan tells Rick he tried to contact him, but Rick never answered. It's at this point that Morgan receives his first offer to join Rick's group, which is currently living at the prison and readying for war with the Governor. Morgan refuses, making a choice to live in isolation. This choice will have major ramifications, leading him to perhaps the single most pivotal figure in his journey to redemption...


After burning down the apartment Rick, Michonne, and Carl found him in, Morgan wanders, hunting and killing walkers -- even people, when provoked. Eventually a goat leads him to a man, Eastman, whose skills with a bo staff allow him to easily disarm Morgan. What happens next is a major pivot in Morgan's life. Morgan, still stricken from the death of his family and his self-imposed isolation, begs Eastman to kill him, but Eastman does no such thing. Instead he teaches Morgan from a book called "The Art of Peace," and learning to fight with a staff changes his life. When Eastman dies, Morgan chooses to leave his teacher's cabin -- where he could've survived alone forever -- and seek out other people. He emerges from his time under Eastman's tutelage a different man, a distinctively less crazy one, with a pacifist streak and a bad-ass new weapon to boot.

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Conflict With Carol and the Wolves

After leaving Eastman, Morgan takes up looking for people to share his life with. He ends up on Rick's trail, following the same signs to Terminus as the survivors did, and eventually finds the map Abraham left for Rick. Following an earlier run-in with the Wolves, he saves Aaron and Daryl from a Wolves trap, and they take him to Alexandria. The two old friends, Morgan and Rick, yet again come face-to-face right as a gun is being pointed -- this time it's as Rick is murdering Pete.

The Wolves attack on Alexandria becomes the next great conflict for Morgan. There's a major clash of philosophies between him and Carol—she wants to murder the Wolf leader, and Morgan doesn't. Carol, furious at the killer she's become, also tries to leave the group, and it's Morgan who goes after her. He tries to bring her back from the soul-crushing, self-imposed isolation he knows so well. In the process, he saves her life from the Saviors, and they end up in the right place at the right time to end up in the Kingdom.

The War With the Saviors

While in the Kingdom, Morgan remains steadfast in his pacifist ways for a while. He trains Benjamin, and his younger brother Henry, in the ways of the staff and tries to instill the values of "The Art of Peace" upon them. This is all while he's trying to keep the conflict with the Saviors from boiling over, counseling Ezekiel towards non-violence as Rick tries to recruit the Kingdom for his war on Negan. The peace doesn't last. All it takes is one encounter with the Saviors to go wrong, with Benjamin losing his life, and Morgan is right back where he was before Eastman. From that moment on "The Art of Peace" Morgan is no more, and Morgan is once again a killing machine, hell-bent on revenge.

Seeking Isolation and Finding Family

For Morgan, devoting his life to revenge meant losing his sanity. He feels lost after the war with Negan. Finding satisfaction watching as Benjamin's murderer was eaten alive made him question his sanity. Refusing his friends entreaties, he leaves Virginia, and wanders alone and desperate until he happens upon one John Dorie. Being a decent man, John offers him shelter, but the two are soon waylaid by thugs, only to be rescued by Althea in her SWAT vehicle. Once in the SWAT vehicle, it isn't long before they're hijacked by Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana. Thus, Morgan's new group is born even as he seeks out isolation.

Convincing the Group to Follow a New Mission

With the new group solidified after many travails, they're looking for a reason to survive—and it's up to Morgan to give them one. Against all odds, he manages to find a new North Star when he finds boxes with the message "Take what you need, leave what you don't. See you further on up the road," written on them. This message becomes a mantra for Morgan and the group, leading them towards their new mission of helping others. Conflict still exists, Morgan still has to fight, but there's a reason to go on another day. This is another crucial juncture in Morgan's life.

Meeting Grace

Since losing his wife, Morgan has had friends and enemies, but not the slightest whiff of romance. That is, until Grace -- possibly doomed by radiation -- walked into his life. She changed everything for Morgan. She taught him to let go of much of the pain he'd held onto since the start of the apocalypse, and let him open himself up a bit. And as we now know, Grace's pregnancy presents the opportunity for something Morgan has been longing for since Duane died -- the possibility of family.

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Final Showdown With Virginia

That brings Morgan up to where we left him. After bringing the group hope, and convincing them to defy Virginia and set out on their own, Morgan sets out to face the consequences of failure via a showdown with Virginia. For all of his trouble, he's left with a bullet in him, a walker herd closing in on him, and the news that Grace is pregnant with his child. In light of these most desperate straits, Morgan had a single message for his friends: "just live."

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Where will Morgan go from here? Can he survive what's to come? Answers are forthcoming when Fear the Walking Dead returns this Sunday at 9/8c. Check out a sneak peek now.

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