The Walking Dead

Pollyanna McIntosh

Previous to The Walking Dead, Pollyanna McIntosh could be seen as Angel, the spandex-clad killer and taller half of the Bonnie-and-Clyde style couple Angel and Soldier in Sundance TV’s Hap & Leonard. McIntosh recently completed post production on her writer/director feature film debut Darlin,’ expected to premiere in 2019. McIntosh stars as The Woman opposite Bryan Batt, Nora-Jane Noone, newcomer Lauryn Canny, and The Walking Dead alum and star of the upcoming Shazam movies, Cooper Andrews. Darlin’ is a sequel to 2011’s Sundance hit The Woman, which launched McIntosh’s U.S. career and won her several awards as the lead. Other projects currently in development are the crime drama Reciprocal Beat, which she co-wrote, and Perfect, originally a short she wrote and directed, now being developed as a series. She has written opinion pieces for the magazines Loaded, Flux, Honeysuckle,, as well as her long-standing column for Crave. Her next feature, Blood on Wheels, by James Franco, McIntosh plays biker gang leader Trigger. Previous credits include her roles in Sex and Death 101, opposite Winona Ryder; Burke & Hare, opposite Isla Fisher; Land of the Lost, opposite Will Ferrell; Filth, opposite James McAVoy; Love Eternal; Tales of Halloween; Let Us Prey, opposite Liam Cunnigham; and the BAFTA nominated Exam. Her television credits include series regulars in the BBC’s MI High and Bob Servant Independent. She also portrayed Anne Hutchinson in Comedy Central’s Bad Ass Bitches of History. Her previous career from the ages of 15 to 24 was as a model, counting Vogue and The Pirelli Calendar amongst her work. She is on the board of The Joshua Nolan Foundation @JoshuaNolanFoundation, a mental health charity based in her home country of Scotland, which provides free counselling to those in need. She previously ran the in-jail theatre teaching program for The Unusual Suspects, an LA based charity working with incarcerated and at-risk youth.

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