Fear the Walking Dead

Lorenzo James Henrie

Lorenzo James Henrie has an impressive body of work alongside some of Hollywood’s most prestigious producers, directors and actors. His most recent role is on the AMC television series, Fear the Walking Dead, companion to the megahit The Walking Dead. Lorenzo plays the series regular Chris, a 16-year old trying to balance his resentful feelings toward his father for divorcing his mother, while needing his guidance to survive the chaos of the apocalypse. Prior to that, Lorenzo was seen on the big screen in Sony Pictures, Paul Blart: Mall Cops 2, starring Kevin James. Henrie recently shot the lead role in the feature film Warrior Road about a young man’s journey for strength and courage in the face of a painful past. Other roles in feature films include the lead role in Riding ’79, where he plays an American teen who is sent off to live with his grandfather and grandmother in Puerto Rico after the death of his father. Henrie started acting at the age of eight and had his first feature film debut in Arizona Summer. Playing the lead role of Jerry in this fun-filled, kids’ summer camp movie, Henrie won over the heart of the film as Jerry comes to terms with a father who has no time for him and a mother who abandoned the family. Henrie went on to work on various roles in television including a recurring role on the WB’s 7th Heaven, as Jeffrey, the adopted son to Chandler (Jeremy London) and girlfriend Kendall (Leighton Meester). He would soon work alongside Meester again in a guest star role on CSI: MIAMI. Other guest star roles include: NCIS, Cold Case, Malcolm in the Middle, Wanted, LAX with Heather Locklear; and Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt, where Henrie played the role of Rat, the leader of a pact of boys from the 1950’s, whose lost spirits perished in an orphanage fire. In 2009, Henrie was cast in JJ Abram’s Star Trek feature film as a Vulcan bully. At age 16, he landed the leading role of Ted Wheeler, in the film Almost Kings, alongside Portia Doubleday and Alex Frost, which had its worldwide feature debut at the 2010 LA Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter’s Kirk Honeycutt wrote the following about Henrie and his co-star’s performance in Almost Kings: “Henrie and Ramm stand out as the two freshmen who must experience a sharp learning curve their first year, and that's not in the classroom. Henrie often needs little if any dialogue to convey a welter of emotions he is going through when the full realization of his brother's many betrayals becomes increasingly clear to his character. Ramm also conveys much with looks or gestures. These two might be the real discoveries in the film.”

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