Fear the Walking Dead

Jeremiah Otto Sr.

A patriotic border militiaman that railed against the region’s cartel violence and illegal immigration, Otto patrolled his cattle ranch and linked with other like-minded men and organizations throughout the Southwest. He built a network, became a leader, and planned contingencies for the inevitable fall of the American empire — not just a simple survival strategy but a DIY guide for resurrecting society. Otto always expected the fall of democracy – he didn’t plan on the rise of the Dead. Either way, there’s an opportunity to rebuild. The people of Broke Jaw Ranch are ready; tracks have been laid. Does this new society in the making offer Madison’s family hope?

Played by Dayton Callie

Best known for his role as Chief Wayne Unser on highly acclaimed FX’s Sons of Anarchy , and also as Charlie Utter on HBO’s Deadwood, veteran actor Dayton Callie has amassed a wealth of film, television and stage credits during his career spanning two decades. He has performed in over 20 Off-Broadway stage productions in New York City. His television credits include everything from Kate and Allie on up through K-Ville, John from Cincinnati, the Miniature Killer episodes on C.S.I. and dozens of other top-rated shows. Callie’s feature film credits include The Devil’s Carnival; The Last Days of Frankie the Fly and Executive Target , both of which he wrote & starred in; The Final Season; Undisputed; Derailed; and Volcano . In 2009, he did his first horror movie, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. The Motel Life, in which he starred with Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff, was released in 2012. The Devil’s Carnival II was released last fall. Most recently, he starred in Darren Lynn Bousman’s Abbatoir, which was released in theaters this past December.  

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