Fear the Walking Dead

Jake Otto

The first born of a border militiaman who spent his life preparing for the fall of democracy, Jake is the scion of a prepper family with mixed feelings about his father’s militant philosophy. His father saw to it that Jake earned an education so that he could serve as an advisor to his nationalist father. While in school, Jake gained a larger worldview, and began to recognize the uglier side of his father’s ideology. Jake is ready to rebuild with his father, but they do not share the same vision of a better nation. While his father is willing to achieve his goals by any means necessary, Jake is more reluctant to shed blood. Jake’s the good son, obligated to carry out his father’s charge. Is he up for the task? And will his men, his father’s men, follow him?

Played by Sam Underwood

Sam Underwood, originally hailing from England, most recently starred opposite Kevin Bacon in the hit drama The Following, in which he played twins Mark and Luke. Other recent television appearances include Dexter, Homeland, and Power. Sam is also the founder of Fundamental Theater Project, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting international artists in NY. His stage work includes Peter Shaffer’s Equus, opposite Alec Baldwin; Hamlet, opposite Alec Baldwin and Kate Mulgrew; and the world premiere of Tennessee Williams’s In Masks Outrageous and Austere, opposite Shirley Knight. He is also Creative Director of Initiative | 26, a production company dedicated to dynamic storytelling, developing new material with emerging artists and reimagining classic texts, as they speak to the personal and political climate of our modern age.

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