Fear the Walking Dead

Griselda Salazar

Griselda Salazar is a devoted wife and mother who came to the U.S. with her husband to escape the political turmoil of El Salvador. She waited to start a family with her husband until she got to the States so that she could give her daughter a better life than the one she had. Griselda is deeply religious and finds solace from her past with prayer, but prayer won’t protect her in this new world.

Played by Patricia Reyes Spíndola

Patricia Spíndola studied to become an actress in several ateliers in Mexico and London. She made her début in the movies in 1972, with El señor de Osanto, and two years later she started working in the Teatro Fru Fru. As an actress, she has worked with directors like Nancy Cádenas and Arturo Ripstein. She has also worked in Mexican telenovelas. Spíndola won the Ariel Prize for her roles in Los motivos de Luz and La reina de la noche. She has an acting school she runs with her sister, Marta Reyes Spíndola, in the Colonia Juárez neighborhood of Mexico City called M & M Studio, where she also teaches. Spíndola is a member of the board of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was elected in June 2007 as an officer of the “Asociacion Nacional de Interpretes” (A.N.D.I.), the Mexican union for broadcast artists (similar to AFTRA in the U.S.).

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