Who Is Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) On The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

The CRM is coming... and they're led by one woman: Elizabeth (Julia Ormond).

It's been years since the helicopter took a grievously wounded Rick Grimes off in a shocking ending to Rick's tenure on TWD, and it's been even longer since helicopters first began buzzing above the heads of the survivors of the TWD universe. Thankfully the helicopter-flying organization is finally coming into focus now that The Walking Dead: World Beyond is here.

As Nico Tortorella (Felix) put it while speaking with Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead, "We have a lot of helicopters on our show, and for the first time we get to really meet who's inside those helicopters and where they're coming from."

They're coming from the CRM, and while she's not flying them herself, Elizabeth is directing the traffic, so to speak.

Scott Gimple, speaking during The Walking Dead: World Beyond Comic-Con@Home panel, echoed that sentiment, saying, the CRM is "a huge part of the show. We find out a great deal about them. They are a very mysterious force. Their security and the community they keep secure are incredibly secretive. Regardless, we go into that community a little bit... we straight up meet people from the CRM... we see Elizabeth... it explains a lot about what we've seen on the other shows."

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So what do we know so far about the CRM's mysterious leader? We've already broken down what we know about Felix, Huck, Iris, Hope, Elton, and Silas. Elizabeth is next in our series, as we explore everything there is to learn about the characters of The Walking Dead: World Beyond:

Who Is Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a charismatic leader of a large, sophisticated, and formidable force, known as the CRM. Within the world of The Walking Dead, the CRM works with Anne to abduct survivors, who are sorted "A" or "B." On Fear the Walking Dead, we get a taste of their devotion to the cause of rebuilding society with Isabelle, who says: "We are a force who are not living for ourselves or for now. You have your stories, already making every day the past. We have the future."

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Elizabeth is a key component in this plan for the future.

According to Ormond, "She’s another kind of community leader... she’s more in the pragmatic zone. For me, the pragmatism that some of the characters have is really about devoting yourself to the future of the human race – not even the planet. The planet is going to survive, but it’s the human race that’s at risk. What role do you take? What tactics do you sign up for? The buck has to stop somewhere."

At Comic-Con@Home, Ormond called the CRM a "quite authoritarian community." The other survivors on the show meet Ormond and the CRM with varying degrees of skepticism. Hope says in a teaser for The Walking Dead: World Beyond that "they're not good people!"

As for the cast's views on Elizabeth, Nicholas Cantu finds her "intimidating," and Alexa Mansour goes even further calling the CRM leader "scary." Ormond sees her a different way and says Elizabeth is "sweet and kind."

Who Is Julia Ormond?

Julia can most recently be seen in BBC’s Gold Digger. She performed opposite Maya Rudolph and Catherine Keener on Amazon’s series Forever, and was recently nominated for Best Actress for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television for Ladies in Black from acclaimed director Bruce Beresford.

Other recent work includes Howard’s End written by Oscar winner Kenneth Lonergan for the BBC and STARZ, which garnered rave reviews. Julia also appeared in HBO’s comedy Tour De Pharmacy opposite Andy Samberg, Will Forte, and Orlando Bloom. She also starred in the independent film Rememory opposite Peter Dinklage and the late Anton Yelchin, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

On the small screen, Ormond received an Emmy Award in 2010 for her role in the HBO movie Temple Grandin, and in 2012 she was nominated for a second Emmy for her guest role on Mad Men. Julia also worked on a season of the SyFy series Incorporated, which was produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Among her extensive film work, Julia Ormond starred in the epic Legends of the Fall alongside actors Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Aidan Quinn, and played opposite Harrison Ford in the film Sabrina, directed by Sydney Pollack. In 2008, she co-starred with Brad Pitt in the fantasy- drama The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and also worked with Benicio del Toro in Steven Soderbergh’s biopic Che.

Julia was the first and former UNODC Goodwill Ambassador Against Trafficking and Slavery, and is the Founder of Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking (www.assetcampaign.org) which served as the architect and convener of the Transparency in Supply Chains Law in CA that passed in 2010. She is Founding Chair of FilmAid International. She was Executive Producer of Calling the Ghosts: A Story About Rape, War and Women, which won an Emmy, a Cable Ace, and a Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award. After a screening of the film at the Council of Foreign Relations, legislation was created that enabled the arrest of Milosevich. Julia also participated in Call + Response, a documentary on the state of enslavement today and one of the first documentaries that used cell phone technology to accept immediate donations to the cause.

She is an Associate Producer to Libby Spear’s Playground, which focuses on the environment that enables child trafficking within the U.S. As an advocate, Julia has traveled the world assessing solutions and challenges, and she's appeared as an expert witness before the US. Congress and the United Nations. For this advocacy work, she received the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award and Women for Women International’s Peace Award.

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