The Nod to Mr. Show in Jimmy's Scam to Save Huell

One of the many elaborate steps in Kim and Jimmy's plan to save Huell is for Jimmy to pretend to be the pastor from Huell's church back home in Louisiana. And that moment gave Bob Odenkirk a chance to call on his background in sketch comedy.

In fact, on the latest Better Call Saul Insider Podcast co-creator Peter Gould revealed that he was secretly hoping for a little taste of one of Odenkirk's characters from Mr. Show. "When we were pitching this scene in the writers' room, I said out loud if only Bob brings a little bit of [Senator] Tankerbell to this I’ll be so happy," Gould says.

We'd say Odenkirk delivered big time. Hear what else the cast and creators have to say about this episode in this behind-the-scenes podcast.

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