Season 4, Episode 8


Jimmy goes to great lengths to right a wrong, as Kim pulls out all the stops for a case; Mike lets his team blow off steam; Nacho receives a visitor.


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Full Recap

Jimmy offers a tense goodbye to an aloof Kim at a bus station and tells her he will return on Thursday. He assures her that he doesn’t take her help for granted.

On a bus bound for Houston, Jimmy unpacks the pens and paper that Kim purchased at the office supply store and begins writing letters.

Later, enroute farther east, a passenger asks to sit next to Jimmy. Jimmy warns the man that he just ate chili fries. The man takes a different seat. Jimmy resumes his letter-writing campaign.

Jimmy continues on his journey into the night, now to Shreveport, still writing letters. He has engaged fellow passengers to write their own letters using different pens and markers for a modest fee.

He gets off the bus in Coushatta, Louisiana, and walks into the post office with duffle bags full of correspondence. Moments later he walks back out with empty bags and waits for the return bus to Albuquerque.

At the Mexican restaurant where Hector and his associates have historically conducted business, Domingo, aka Krazy-8, collects money from a dealer while Nacho supervises. The dealer apologizes for coming up short and promises to make up for it next time. Nacho coldly rips an earring out of the dealer’s ear and tells him he owes the money with interest.

That evening, Nacho parks in the driveway of a nice house. Inside, he tosses baggies of meth to two women watching TV who ostensibly live with him. He goes to his bedroom.

Nacho opens a safe to deposit money from the day’s collections. In the process he inspects a pair of fake Canadian driver’s licenses for himself and his father. He puts them back.

Werner’s boys enjoy themselves at a strip club. Mike finds Werner disconnected from the merriment alone at the bar.

Mike and Werner retreat to a different venue for drinks. A young man at this quiet bar orders a Hefeweizen. Werner corrects his pronunciation and cheerfully buys the man’s drink. He remarks to Mike that this is the longest he has ever been away from his wife and home. Mike’s associate interrupts their conversation to alert Mike to an issue at the strip club.

Mike arrives at the strip club and finds a security guard threatening to call the police on a belligerent Kai after he touched one of the strippers. Mike gives the guard some bribe money and orders Kai to return home.

Back at the bar, Mike finds Werner drinking with the man who ordered the Hefeweizen and sketching details of Gus’s secret lab on a paper coaster. Mike pockets the coaster, and tells Werner that it’s time to go.

Mike wordlessly places an inebriated Werner in his car to return to the warehouse.

Kim looks over Huell’s arrest report at home, and Jimmy heads to the nail salon to finish putting their plan into motion. Kim declines his offer to bring back food.

Mrs. Nguyen finds Jimmy in his office after hours and guesses that his “wife” is mad at him. She suggests he take her out to dinner and apologize, but Jimmy worries that it’s too late. She leaves behind a bottle of alcohol to console him.

Kim meets with Assistant District Attorney Ericsen accompanied by three Schweikart & Cokely associates. Kim and her associates describe the numerous measures they intend to take to defend Huell. Ericsen still refuses to budge on Huell’s jail sentence. Kim leaves Ericsen’s office looking a bit shaken.

As another night of work begins for the Germans, Mike admonishes Werner for talking to strangers about the project. He warns Werner of what Gus might do to him if anything goes wrong. Werner promises it won’t happen again.

Judge Munsinger calls Kim and Ericsen to his office and angrily shows them piles of mail written from residents of Coushatta, begging for mercy for their beloved Huell. He orders Kim and Ericsen to work out a deal before Huell’s case becomes a circus.

Ericsen marches into her office and orders everyone to dig up information on Huell. She starts to read from one of the piles of mail from Coushatta. Ericsen reaches Eloise, who left her phone number in a letter. Eloise explains that Huell is a pillar of her church. Ericsen’s associate looks up the church online and finds a donation page to help Huell.

Jimmy sits in his cramped office in the back of the nail salon with the UNM video crew that he hired to shoot Saul Goodman commercials. On his desk are dozens of prepaid phones, each labeled with a name. The female crew member plays the role of Eloise and shames Ericsen for persecuting Huell.

Ericsen stares at photos of Huell on the church website.

Another prepaid phone rings. Jimmy consults the label on the phone and sees that it belongs to the fake Coushatta church pastor. He answers as the pastor and tells Ericsen that Huell saved the church and some parishioners when the church caught on fire. He adds that he plans to send chartered buses to the trial to support Huell.

Jimmy goes to the courthouse and peeks into a room where Kim and Ericsen are discussing Huell’s sentence.

Kim meets Jimmy in a courthouse stairwell and surprises him with a passionate kiss.

Jimmy and Kim snuggle in bed in the afterglow. Kim laughs as Jimmy puts on his pastor voice. Jimmy marvels over the light sentence that she secured for Huell.

Kim meets Paige and Kevin from Mesa Verde. Kevin asks Kim if she can pull another miracle and pave the way for an expanded footprint for a new branch. Kim considers the idea, but tells Kevin that any changes would make their timeline unfeasible.

Later, Kim sits at her desk and pulls an item out of her drawer: the stopper from the expensive tequila that she and Jimmy shared during a con.

Mike informs Gus that the construction project is behind schedule but that the work is solid. He explains that Werner promised not to make any more mistakes. Gus asks Mike his opinion. Mike vouches for Werner.

Kim joins Jimmy as he checks out a potential office space, the seediest yet. Jimmy promises to never again ask Kim for a favor that would put her career in jeopardy. She looks him in the eyes and says, “Let’s do it again.”

Nacho returns to the restaurant where his collections are made, and finds a stranger, Lalo Salamanca, cooking in the kitchen. Lalo explains that the family sent him north to ensure that business is in order. He promises a dubious Nacho that he will hardly notice his presence.