Fear Q&A: Austin Amelio on Dwight and Sherry’s Short-Lived Reunion

Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead, talks about pairing up with Maggie Grace, reuniting with Sherry and why that scene was challenging.

Q: What's it been like forming a duo with Maggie Grace during Season 6?

A: Yeah, it was a surprise to me, and it was new. There's backstory to our relationship, but we had never really done anything together on the show, so it's fun. I mean, it's also good to be able to work with someone completely different. On The Walking Dead, you would get to do [it] every so often, but there's so many characters over there.[Maggie's] really great and she's a very caring person, and I think that translates into her acting as well and the dynamic was good. It gets pretty hot down here, so it's good to have someone next to your side, pull you up, keep the energy up, and I think we had a lot of fun.

It [603] was also really a different episode for me. Colman Domingo directed it. And we were having fun at certain points in the episode, and Dwight's never really done that before, like smiling and laughing. It was just a little lighter.

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Q: Why is Dwight so invested in helping Al find Isabelle/"Beer Lady"? Is it because of his search for Sherry?

A: Yeah, I think so. He can relate to trying to find someone and if that means some sort of happiness, then it's important to get that person to the person that they're trying to find. If anyone knows, Dwight sure as hell does.

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Q: Can you talk about the moment when Dwight is reunited with Sherry?

A: Man, it was a long time coming. It's funny because you try and you have a vision of how you want it to go in your head -- the scene -- and it's really just a day-by-day process and how you're feeling on the day and you don't really want to force anything. Whatever comes to the surface in that moment in that day is sort of what happens, and that's really all I tried to do. I don't know, you just try and play what comes up in you emotionally... that was a very, very heavy episode... you just have these freaky ideas about how it's supposed to go and what's supposed to happen, tears flying down your face and just falling... it was great to have Christine [Evangelista] back because she's awesome.

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Q: Dwight talks a lot about becoming a better man and seems to be doing well at that, but reverts to his old self when he almost lets the dog kill the guy he's interrogating. Why do you think he lapses like that?

A: Well, I think it's just an overcompensation of really trying to help Sherry out, and he comes to realize that that's not really what she wants and that it doesn't even really have anything to do with what's going on now -- and that's something to do with the past and mending what happened between us and Negan. I just think he goes a little overboard, but for a good reason. It's to show her that he loves her.

Q: For Dwight and Sherry, the tension turns out to be about what they did -- and didn’t -- do when living under Negan. How did that land on you?

A: Well, Dwight didn't really know what was going to happen when they met back up. Obviously there's things [they] needed to talk about, but it does make sense because that was a beyond stressful time.

Q: Why does Dwight listen when Sherry tells him to leave?

A: Well, if someone tells you to leave, you can't force yourself to stay, you know? [Dwight's] really treading on thin ice with her at that point, so [he's] just going to submit to whatever she wants because [he] want to be with her that bad. If someone tells you to leave the room during a fight, it's, like, okay, I'll leave the room and let's calm down a little bit and then I'll come back, we'll figure it out.

Q: Do you think Sherry will find her way back to Dwight, as Al says?

A: Yeah. I hope so... I think, in our heart of hearts, [they] can forgive each other and find some peace in the relationship. Honestly, I don't know what's in store, but I hope it doesn't end and there's some sort of resolution.

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