Why Leadership Is Such a Heavy Burden for Max -- Inside Episode 2

As the leader of the rail yard Synth community, Max is forced to make some impossible decisions.

"We always thought that Max was, in a way, the most sensitive of our original gang of Synths,"co-creator Jonathan Brackley says. "We thought it would be interesting for him, as a character, to be put on a journey where he has to make a lot of tough choices."

Go Inside Episode 2 With the Cast and Creators

In the aftermath of the bombing, Max struggles to maintain peace among the Synth community. "Max has always been the character that Dr. Elster originally created as a loving companion for Leo," explains Ivanno Jeremiah. "Max has never stopped operating from love because I don't think it's in his wiring to veer away from that."

Despite this, Max is forced to send his brother away. "It's very interesting to see how he deals with all of this pain," says Jeremiah.

Plus, the cast and creators discuss why Agnes is so at odds' with Max's mission for peace. Click here to go inside the episode.

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