Who Is Princess, AKA Juanita Sanchez, on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead just dropped a long-awaited comic-character bomb on fans. As Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko search for the meet-up with Eugene's radio contact, they find none other than Princess, a beloved comic book character, played on the show by Paola Lazaro.

So who is Princess and what can fans who haven't read the comics, or need a quick refresher, expect?

Obviously, things won't turn out exactly as they do in the book, but in the comics, Princess, whose real name is Juanita Sanchez, is a talkative survivor who meets Michonne, Eugene and others as they journey through Pittsburgh to Ohio (she calls herself the "Princess of Pittsburgh" because being called a Queen would make her sound old) and hasn't seen a living person in a year.

While Michonne, just as wary in the comics as the the show, doesn't trust Princess at first, eventually Princess joins the group on their journey to Ohio where they encounter a well-developed new community called the Commonwealth.

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After that she journeys back to Virginia and settles into Alexandria where she becomes part of the community. Will things turn out the same? Well, we can be sure she didn't meet Michonne in Pittsburgh so already their two paths have diverged. Beyond that, only time will tell.

On The Walking Dead, Princess is played by Paola Lazaro (Nunca Digas Adeus, Terra Incógnita).

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