"Smiles Are Gone" Heading Into the Final Season

The events of Season 5 have us nipping at the heals of the world of Breaking Bad and the cast and creators are taking us behind-the-scenes of those critical moments and what they mean for the sixth and final season.

Of those critical advancements is the beginning of a partnership that will last a very long time. "This is the season where Mike and Gus finally become partners of a kind," says Peter Gould in the new behind-the-scenes video:

When these two men come together they get right to business with their first move being to put a hit out on Lalo Salamanca. But "Lalo is one crazy murderous bastard," as Vince Gilligan notes, and he takes down his killers one by one, ultimately escaping.

"I don't know what's going to happen, but smiles are gone after that," warns Tony Dalton.

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