Bruce Campbell Talks to Rolling Stone; EW Applauds Lodge 49

This week, Bruce Campbell talks to Rolling Stone about joining the show, while Entertainment Weekly applauds Lodge 49. Plus, Wyatt Russell is interviewed by Los Angeles Confidential. Read on for more:

• Talking to Rolling Stone, Bruce Campbell credits Paul Giamatti for his Lodge 49 opportunity: "He gave me the spiel of, ‘We’re not talking to anybody else, you have to do it, just basically shut up and do it.'"

Entertainment Weekly cheers, "In an age of blandly bleak big TV, [Jim] Gavin and showrunner Peter Ocko have produced a sweetly humane portrait of community, alive with strangeness, brutal pessimism, the possibility of better days ahead."

• "There’s a magical element to the show and to fables that I like being a part of," Wyatt Russell says to Los Angeles Confidential about Lodge 49.

• Interviewed by KTLA, Bruce Campbell says Gary is "a survivor. You go to him to get stuff done. But it’s an interesting show in that it is really people kind of wanting to be friends in an odd sort of way. This guy is a big, rich developer but his personal life is absolutely falling apart."

• Talking about Gary with Hollywood Life, Bruce Campbell declares, "Show me a successful person, and I’ll show you someone who’s life is falling apart. It really is — it’s so true of so many people."

Paste's best TV quotes in September includes Bruce Campbell's Gary saying, "I go by many names. Gary, The Captain… That’s it, I guess," in "Something from Nothing."

• For a recap of Season 1, Episode 9, "Apogee," check out CarterMatt.

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