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Season 1, Episode 9


Band Night at the Lodge. Dud and Ernie are eager to close a deal with Captain, but all may not be what it seems.

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Captain calls Ernie to arrange a meeting with his accountant and finalize details regarding the buy-in agreement for the oil deal. After the call, Ernie feeds the crow he injured with his air rifle. He's named the crow Larry.

At Donuts, Burt runs into Dud and confronts him about his overdue car title loan. Dud assures that "none of this" will matter soon.

At home, Connie apologizes to Scott for her prickly behavior recently. Scott consoles her and is confident that everything will "get back to normal" soon.

At Donuts, Paul apologizes to Liz for his comments about Liz and Dud's lives. Liz forgives him and tells him about Omni. Paul knows her father would be proud and suggests "some kids don't grow up until their parents die."

That evening, Ernie sits in his car outside of the lodge and listens to an audio book.

Inside, lodge members enjoy their last band night in the throne room, where Scott is playing drums. Dud cryptically assures members that the lodge will survive.

Connie asks Jocelyn about Lodge 1 in London. Jocelyn calls it "muffled." Blaise is taken aback by his jaded attitude and calls him out for being a "wizard of demystification."

Dud and Ernie talk privately about Scott's request for Ernie to sleep with Connie. Dud thinks Ernie should tell Connie. Ernie changes the subject and warns Dud to stop promising anything involving the lodge until their deal with Captain is finalized.

Dud spots the librarian, Emily, who caught his eye a while back. Her dad worked at Orbis with Gil. Dud offers to give her a tour of the lodge, but walks off when she points out a male friend she’s waiting on.

Blaise smokes outside. Jocelyn finds him and tries to console him after their earlier encounter. He acknowledges that the community at Lodge 49 is special. Blaise admits that the last few weeks have been hard on everyone and he doesn’t blame Jocelyn for that.

Ernie finds Connie and whisks her away to talk in private. Scott notices.

Alone, Ernie looks into Connie's eyes as she sobs.

Dud runs into Emily and her friend in the hallway. When Emily's friend excuses himself to use the restroom, Dud mentions a secret library he can show her. He offers to wait for her friend, but she agrees to go off alone.

In the library, Dud tells Emily the story about how he discovered Wallace's corpse. They bond over the idea that reality is "hidden beneath the surface." She hears her friend calling for her and heads back to the throne room.

Scott runs into Ernie and checks in. Ernie tells him he feels weird about their predicament. Scott suggests he push through "for Connie" and slyly mentions that he'll be at work all day tomorrow.

Back in the throne room, Dud grabs the mic and gives a passionate speech about how the lodge can never go away. The crowd erupts in cheers.

The next day, Ernie and Connie drink at a motel. Ernie decides to tell her that Scott knows about their affair. He's pleased that they no longer have to hide. Connie can't bare the news, however, and walks out.

Liz and the other Omni finalists mingle on a boat as they sail out from the Long Beach Marina. A fellow finalist points out Liz as career inspiration for the bartender who's working on the boat. Liz sheepishly apologizes to the bartender.

Dud and Ernie arrive at the meeting place for Captain's accountant, but no one's there. Ernie leaves a voicemail for Captain.

Dud and Ernie wait outside in Ernie's car. Ernie starts to think they've been set up once they see a drone hovering over their car. They start to panic and drive off. From a distance, Avery watches them with his drone controller.

Connie heads to the lodge to play pinball.

Ernie brings Dud back to his motel room until they figure out their next move.

Liz gets to personally meet Janet, who praises Liz's character. Janet gives her blessing over Liz and Eugene's relationship. Liz is surprised, but goes with it. Janet asks where Liz sees herself in five years. Liz stumbles.

Ernie tells Dud about some of his past romances and confesses he's still in love with Connie. Dud reflects on his time with Gloria, but admits it couldn't last. Captain calls Ernie to check in about the accountant meeting. He also shares his decision to sign his divorce papers after looking at his life with fresh eyes, much like the Lynx. Ernie and Dud plan to meet Captain at his house.

Avery sneaks around Captain's house.

Scott bangs on the door of Ernie's motel room. Ernie escapes through the bathroom window. Dud follows.

As Ernie and Dud drive off in the car, they accidentally hit the geologist – Carl – that Ernie came across at Kaplan. Ernie recognizes him.

Ernie and Dud drive off with the geologist on the hood of the car before pulling over to talk about his connection to Kaplan. Carl admits that he knew the Kaplan meeting was a scam and was paid to falsify a report about the land not being toxic. He is certain there is no oil under the land.

Liz talks to Janet in private. Janet admits she has to overperform for the sake of the company. She offers to help Liz navigate her way up the corporate ladder. Liz is open to the idea. When Janet excuses herself, Liz jumps off the boat into the water.

Ernie and Dud drive to Captain's house. Before they get out the car, Dud somberly reflects on his father and wonders if he misread his cues.

Ernie and Dud enter the house and find Captain tied to a chair and gagged. Dud grabs a harpoon and warns Ernie not to free Captain. Captain begs for his life and swears he's not lying about the land deal. Avery appears and grabs a spear gun. He reveals that he's been following Captain for weeks and suspects he is financially backing the expedition to Mexico to find the scrolls. Avery uncovers a bottle of chloroform and accidentally drops it, causing everyone to pass out.

Liz swims in the ocean and finds a refrigerator that the Orbis engineers catapulted into the water. She hugs it and floats back to the boat.

Avery tries to flee, but Captain manages to free himself and stops him. Captain launches the harpoon at Avery, but misses. The recoil sends him flying backwards.

Dud and Ernie rush outside and see that Captain was hurled over the balcony and into the pool. He's been impaled on a narwhal statue's horn, through the back of his skull and out of his eye. Avery runs off.

Dud and Ernie stand outside of Captain’s hospital room and wonder how he is still alive. Captain's entire face is bandaged with the statue's horn still in his eye.

Liz makes it back to shore.

Dud and Ernie drink at the tavern and reflect on their crazy day.