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Season 1, Episode 8

Something from Nothing

Dud and Ernie accompany Captain on a journey into the night. Liz attempts to climb the corporate ladder.

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At a law office, Captain sits down with his wife – Brenda – and their respective attorneys. His wife has already signed a stack of divorce papers, but when it's his turn to sign, he tears a page off and swallows it.

Later, Captain stumbles down an alley with a loaf of bread and bourbon. He looks up and sees a billboard that reads, "Is there another way to live?" One of the Kaplan developers pulls up in a black SUV and orders Captain inside.

The next day, Captain wakes up on an air mattress in the back office of his mobile unit. He's vomited in his sleep and finds a piece of the divorce paper on which two words are visible: irreconcilable differences.

In the present, Dud and Ernie realize Gary is Captain. Dud continues to believe his fate is intertwined with Ernie's. Ernie begs the universe for a chance at Captain and starts hyperventilating. Dud gives him a pep talk and agrees to introduce him. Captain realizes Ernie is the guy who crashed the Kaplan meeting and is also connected to Jeff. Captain explains that Jeff swallowed some "exotic flora" during their time together and got sick.

At a hotel, Liz attends an Omni seminar for potential candidates for the executive program. She rolls inside of a giant inflatable plastic bubble as part of an ice-breaker exercise.

Later, attendees look on at a photo of Janet Price, the CEO, and learn they'll have a chance to meet her at a mingling event should they advance to the next phase.

Liz runs into Eugene in the halls and asks to come by his hotel room later to have sex. Eugene agrees.

At the lodge, Connie interviews Gil about his time at Orbis. She admits she always dreamed of writing a book, but was always distracted by something. Scott calls Connie at the lodge to remind her of her MRI appointment. She decides to stay at the tavern.

Blaise finds Jocelyn searching in the library for potential financial assets that lodge 1 can recoup. Blaise is offended by Jocelyn's attitude, but Jocelyn asserts that this is all just a job to him. Blaise kicks him out.

Ernie continues chatting with Captain, who says he lives in a big house with his wife. As far as his business endeavors go, Captain insists one must be willing to live in a morally gray area to succeed. Dud tells Captain about the lodge, which piques Captain's interest.

At the seminar, attendees watch a passionate video message from Janet Price. Afterwards, attendees are split up and tasked with forming a marketing plan involving a bullwhip, a chalice, and a snow globe. Liz's team asks about her time at Shamroxx, assuming it was for field research. Liz plays along. One of her group members is handcuffed.

Lodge members pour into the tavern later in the evening and discuss how to proceed with events now that the lodge could be shutting down. Connie drinks and loses herself in a game of pinball. Jocelyn walks in and Blaise coldly calls him an "executioner."

Captain, Ernie, and Dud dine at a restaurant and talk more about the Lynx. Ernie keeps trying to sell to Captain, but Captain cuts him off and asks about Ernie's childhood dreams. Ernie confesses he wanted to play professional baseball, but "reality" got in the way. Captain shares his dreams of becoming an astronaut, while Dud says his contentment always came from surfing and working at the pool shop. When Captain steps away for a minute, Dud criticizes Ernie's pushy sales pitches and insists Captain wants to get to know the real Ernie.

Captain returns to the table and shares a story about a trip to Spain with his wife. He asks if Ernie is married. Ernie remains tight-lipped at first, but opens up about the love he found in his high school sweetheart. Dud jumps in to further explain how Ernie reunited with the woman at the lodge. Captain is fascinated and wants to keep hanging with the guys.

Captain takes Ernie and Dud to a cock fight and they each walk away with $3,500. The guys are on a high and seek out more adventures.

Liz lies post-coital in bed with Eugene and asks about Janet’s journey. Eugene notices Liz's toenail fungus.

The next morning, a goat scurries throughout Captain's mobile office. As soon as Captain wakes up, Ernie demands an answer from Captain regarding the Orbis project. Captain agrees to let Ernie be his “guy.” Ernie heads out and Dud stays behind to complete some tasks for Captain.

Connie drinks in her car in the parking lot of her old high school. A security guard walks over and offers to call someone to come help her. Scott arrives shortly after.

Dud drives Captain to his lavish house. When Captain realizes his key doesn't fit, he throws a rock through the glass front door and invites Dud inside.

Captain offers Dud some cold cuts since Brenda doesn't allow bread in the house. Dud presses for more information about what's going on and Captain admits he's been kicked out, then hugs Dud tightly.

At work, Ernie is praised for finally landing Captain. It's the biggest order in the history of the company.

Liz reveals that she was a waitress at Shamroxx and shares what she's learned about the business. She says it's loneliness and despair that bonds both the customers and the staff together, then opens up about the recent loss of her dad and losing her mom at the age of one. The room falls silent.
Ernie heads to the Kaplan office, but finds it empty. A security guard informs him that there's never been a business by the name of Kaplan in the building.

Dud and Captain sit out by the pool and chat. During the conversation, Ernie calls to warn Dud that Captain is a fraud. Captain overhears and invites Ernie to the house so he can explain everything.

Scott bangs feverishly on a drum set.

10 Omni candidates are chosen to advance to the next phase. Liz makes the cut.

Captain tells Ernie that Kaplan doesn't exist and the whole Orbis deal is a huge scam. There is no redevelopment. In fact, Captain admits he's a patsy and works for the same guys who tracked Ernie down in their SUV. The land under Orbis is toxic and nothing can be built on it, but the "Kaplan" guys paid a geologist to come up with an environmental report and pitch it to the city. Captain admits he strung Ernie along because he's lonely. Captain knows that under the land is oil and assumes the guys have a bigger plan, but he's planning to get ahead of them. He invites Ernie and Dud to invest in his idea, but Ernie balks at the idea of giving him money. Captain offers to spot the buy-in money and use their cock fight winnings as collateral. In exchange, he wants to join the lodge. Ernie admits the lodge could be closing, but Captain is willing to financially support it. Captain says Ernie is still "his guy." The guys toast.

Outside, Dud and Ernie squeal over the thought of being rich soon. From a distance, Avery watches them through binoculars.

At Shamroxx, Liz's co-workers congratulate her.

Dud stops by Shamroxx and runs into Liz. He tells her that not only will he be able to pay her back soon, but he can pay off her bank note and get the pool shop back. Liz says she's about to come into a lot of money herself. They high-five.

At the lodge, Ernie drinks alone at the bar. Scott enters and asks Ernie for a favor: he wants Ernie to start sleeping with Connie again.