Ian Goldberg Talks Jim With EW, Madison's Legacy With ComicBook

This week, Ian Goldberg discusses Jim with Entertainment Weekly and Madison's legacy with ComicBook.com. Plus, Bustle wonders what part Jim's beer will play in future episodes. Read on for more:

• Ian Goldberg teases to Entertainment Weekly, "Jim made a tremendous sacrifice and saved everyone. And even though Jim is dead, there’s still more of his redemption story to be told. Even though he may be a walker now, Jim may still be able to do some good in this world."

• "That's something that we'll see in the finale, not to spoil anything, but how Madison's legacy will live on in the people that survived her and how her spirit and the hopeful philosophy that started with her will carry forward," Ian Goldberg previews to ComicBook.com.

Bustle wonders, "Since the survivors are headed towards the Alexandria Safe-Zone, will Jimbo's Beerbos (yup, that's what they're calling it) make it to The Walking Dead? That would be a thoroughly charming and refreshing way for the two shows to crossover."

• Talking to ComicBook.com about shooting the latest episodes in Austin, Texas, Andrew Chambliss says, "We do want to see more of kind of the urban side of the apocalypse in that landscape and that's something that we'll see a bit more in this season and hope to kind of continue seeing going on into next season."

• Referring to Jim, Ian Goldberg explains to ComicBook.com, "It's what we've talked about since the beginning of this season, that this was thematically going to be about people going from places of isolation to community."

• The Toronto Sun speaks with Colman Domingo, who remarks, "I think at the end of the day Madison saw Strand for something more than he thought he was. So I think that’s what he’s missing. Someone who saw his better angel."

• Colman Domingo explains to Meaww that Strand has "lost everything. Everyone copes in their own way. Right now all of his answers are in the bottom of a bottle."

Show Snob interviews Alexa Nisenson, who says of Charlie, "I love that now she’s trying to prove her worth to the ones that she hurt the most and is actually genuinely sorry and wants to make it right as much as she can."

• Lennie James tells BT TV, "I think we’re about to see the start, in a weird way, the making of Morgan. The next chapter of his life, where he is going to call home. Where he is going to decide to settle and the role he is going to take up in that world."

ComicBook.com checks out a sneak peek of the Season 4 Finale, "...I Lose Myself," that "sees Morgan (Lennie James) on the receiving end of an ominous threat made by the Filthy Woman (Tonya Pinkins)."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 4, Episode 15, "I Lose People...," check out Entertainment Weekly, Hidden Remote, Showbiz Junkies, TV Insider and TVLine.

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