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Season 4, Episode 15

I Lose People…

The group's hope falters as they seek a way out; Alicia and Charlie reunite with friends.

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Morgan stands on the hospital’s rooftop and looks down at the streets overrun with Infected.

June tries to reach Al over walkie but gets no reply. She assures Morgan that they will find a way out together.

Strand and John see Alicia and Charlie calling out to them from the opposite shore.

June makes contact with Alicia over the walkie. Alicia informs her that she found John and Strand. Morgan gets on the walkie and tells Alicia that they are trapped but says it’s unsafe to reveal his location. Alicia vows to save him after she rescues John and Strand. Morgan hatches a plan to escape the building.

John and Strand sit on shore while waiting for Alicia to rescue them. John is skeptical of Alicia’s chances, but Strand holds onto hope.

Alicia and Charlie search the streets for a boat or canoe to rescue John and Strand.

Martha consults a map in the SWAT van as blood drips from her gunshot wound. She leaves the van.

Jim stands on the rooftop ledge and urinates on the Infected below. Morgan suggests that Jim sacrifice himself to help the group escape. Jim ignores his request.

Sarah demands to know Jim’s beer recipe before he dies. He tells her to leave him alone.

Alicia and Charlie find a canoe on the street. Martha shoots at them and forbids them from helping Morgan. Alicia sees that Martha is injured and offers to help. Martha insists she isn’t weak, then falls unconscious. Charlie recognizes her as the woman from the walkie.

Morgan leads the group toward the generator room to search for Al. They see a pile of rubble blocking a herd in a nearby hallway.

Morgan spots fresh blood on the floor and guesses that Al killed a bunch of Infected.

Inside the generator room, Luciana finds a message from Al informing them of her plan to escape in the freight elevator. She asks them to keep her tapes safe if she dies.

Alicia and Charlie traverse the flood waters in the SWAT van and park in front of John and Strand. Charlie opens the back doors, revealing Martha tied up inside.

Morgan’s group heads for the freight elevator, but Morgan insists on staying behind to distract the Infected away from the group’s escape route.

Morgan drags an Infected corpse onto the roof.

Alicia drives the van with Strand, John and Charlie on board. John radios Morgan to inform him that they have Martha. June responds and gives John her location but suggests they meet on the outskirts of the city. John vows to find her.

June’s group reaches a fence with a herd waiting on the other side. Morgan tells the group to stand away from the Infected while he sets up his distraction.

Martha wakes up in the SWAT van. Alicia explains that she would have left Martha on the road if she hadn’t heard Morgan vow to help her.

Morgan tosses the Infected corpse off the roof. The body lands on a car, setting off the alarm. The noise draws the herd away from June’s group. Morgan tells them to flee.

June’s group runs over to an ambulance. June offers to wait for Morgan and Jim, but Morgan urges her to leave before the herd arrives. June’s group drives off in the ambulance.

Morgan and Jim sit on the roof. Jim asks Morgan to kill him before he turns.

The group contacts Morgan via walkie and vows to help him off the roof. Morgan looks down and sees everyone in a fire truck.

Martha warns Luciana that their plan will not end well. Luciana gets out of the SWAT van with an ax.

June, Alicia and Luciana line up to kill any Infected that approach the SWAT van. Meanwhile, Sarah extends the fire truck ladder toward Morgan. It stops short by a couple of floors. Morgan anchors a piece of rope and throws it over the edge. Jim urges Morgan to leave him behind.

Morgan shimmies down the rope and reaches a lower balcony. An Infected attacks him. John shoots the Infected from below.

Alicia and Luciana kill Infected as they flock toward the fire truck.

Morgan jumps into the cherry picker. Sarah lowers the ladder. Everyone climbs on top of the fire truck as the herd surrounds them.

Morgan vows to clear a path from the fire truck to the SWAT van. Jim radios the group and volunteers to draw the Infected away from the group. He gives Sarah his beer recipe then leaps off the ledge and lands on a car, setting off the alarm and drawing the herd away from the fire truck.

June opens the SWAT van and sees that Martha escaped. The group piles into the van.

The SWAT van drives down the road. The group brainstorms new names for Jim’s beer. Morgan offers to take the group to his community in Virginia after they find Al.

Martha writes a message on Jim’s face. Moments later, he turns. Martha tells him that he’s strong now. “Let’s go make them strong, too,” she says.