CalNect Becomes a Family Business in the Latest Episode

With AOL coming in strong, Joe and Gordon had to make the difficult decision of pivoting the CalNect business, letting go of their staff and the original idea the company was founded on: the World Wide Web. Fortunately, there's another idea that has just as much promise -- and it came from Haley, Gordon's youngest daughter.

The product is called Comet -- you know, Haley's Comet -- and it's an index of the web, a fancier version of Joe's idea, which is still only in post-it form. Now they just need to negotiate with the 14-year-old to buy her product. What Joe and Gordon aren't expecting is that Haley has a few thoughts of her own on how this business deal will go.

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While Haley negotiates her way into the tech industry, her mother Donna is at a tech conference with Diane. She spots a "Future of Internet Gaming" panel featuring Cameron and heads in to watch. Then, she takes to the mic and all bets are off.

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