Season 4, Episode 3


Cameron promotes her game at an industry conference. Donna squares off against old rivals. Gordon struggles to support Joe's newest idea.


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Full Recap

Cameron takes a bath at Joe’s house.

In a flashback, Cameron confesses to Tom that she slept with Joe. Tom accuses her of loving Joe. Cameron denies it, saying Joe is impossible to love.

Gordon stops by Joe’s house and is surprised to find Cameron there. Cameron tells him that Joe is at the office.

At CalNect, Joe unsuccessfully tries to negotiate a new deal with MCI on the phone.

Joe apologizes to Gordon for being unavailable during the MCI crisis. Gordon insists they sell the company before its value plummets. He warns Joe against reconnecting with Cameron, fearing it will implode. Joe notices “Haley’s Comet” on Gordon’s computer screen.

At home, Joe gives Cameron headphones to minimize the noise from her video games. They playfully mock each other’s lifestyle habits.

Trip tells Donna that he spoke to the company Spyglass about licensing the Mosaic code and suggests they work together on the project.

At CalNect, Gordon signs the paperwork for the sale of CalNect. Joe tells Gordon that their 11 o’clock appointment will arrive soon.

Joe and Gordon sit down with their 11 o’clock appointment, Haley, Gordon and Donna’s youngest daughter. Joe offers to buy “Haley’s Comet” for $20,000 and develop it into a bigger site. Gordon pulls Joe aside and argues that $20,000 is too much money for a 14-year-old. They return to Haley and offer $5,000 instead. Haley tells them she doesn’t want money as long as she gets to work on the site. “Deal,” Joe says.

At a tech conference, Donna complains to Diane about Trip, who she suspects is trying to make a play for the browser project. Diane defends Trip and suggests that maybe he just wants to work with Donna.

Donna sees a sign for a panel, “Future of Internet Gaming,” featuring Cameron.

At the panel Q&A, Donna asks Cameron to discuss the relationship between game creators and people on the business side of gaming. Cameron declares that business people are parasites with little regard for their host. Trip watches the exchange from the back of the room.

Donna strides into the Rover incubator space and demands an update on the indexing site. She criticizes the search engine and admonishes Tanya for being an ineffective team leader.

Joe, Gordon and Haley meet at Gordon’s house to work on the site, which Joe has renamed “Comet.” Haley suggests they divide websites into categories but Joe argues it would ruin the site’s “personal touch.”

Haley receives an email with a new link to add to the index. She clicks on the link, which leads to a porn site. Panic ensues as Gordon and Joe shut down the computer. Joanie bursts out laughing.

Donna sees Diane and Trip talking at work. She later complains about Trip to Diane, but Diane defends Trip and informs Donna that she made one of the Rover team members cry.

Atari executives inform Cameron that Electronic Gaming Monthly somehow obtained a copy of Pilgrim and published a scathing review. Gavin tells her that they cannot release the game in its current form. Cameron admits that she leaked the game to the magazine.

Gordon suggests that Joe buy Haley’s website outright and develop it himself, but Joe insists they work on it together. Gordon points out that Joe has a history of deciding what’s right for a company or person and then pushing them too far. He says Haley isn’t ready for that. He turns around and sees Haley listening in.

Donna invites Tanya, Bosworth and the Rover team to her house for dinner in order to boost morale. Tanya gives Donna an envelope from Trip. Inside is a copy of Electronic Gaming Monthly, with the Pilgrim review flagged.

Cameron vents to Joe about the bad review and says that Atari is going to retool the game. Joe urges Cameron to move on.

Joanie joins Donna’s dinner. Donna breaks out the tequila and starts pouring shots. When Vera declines, Donna jokes that everyone has to drink unless they’re pregnant. Elliot awkwardly announces that he and Vera are indeed expecting a baby. Donna apologizes and gives a heartfelt toast about children, causing Joanie to tear up.

Gordon finds Cameron trying out Doom in his CalNect office. Gordon proposes a match. While playing, Cameron admits there is something cathartic about the game. Gordon describes his reluctance to let Haley work on the website. Cameron points out that it’s unusual for a teenager to want to hang out with her dad.

Gordon gives Cameron a box of belongings that Tom sent her from Japan. She accidentally leaves the box on top of her car and it falls off on the road. A truck runs over the box.

At home, Gordon tells Haley she can work on the website under two conditions: She can’t let Joe push her around, and she must stop working the minute it stops being fun. She immediately gets to work at her computer.

Donna updates the AGGEK partners on Rover. Trip informs her that someone else has created a similar indexing site called Comet.

Donna meets with Gordon over dinner and informs him that AGGEK is developing a site index that will compete with Comet. She insists that her team had already been working on the algorithm before Gordon told her about Joe’s indexing concept. She offers to buy them out, but Gordon informs her that Haley made the site. Donna reprimands Gordon for letting Haley work on the site without her input. Gordon declares that they’re building the site and leaves.

Joe wakes up to find Cameron throwing all of her moving boxes into a Dumpster. “I’m unpacking,” she says.