Gennifer Hutchison Chats With THR; EW Explains Love for Kim

This week, Gennifer Hutchison chats with The Hollywood Reporter about writing the latest episode, while Entertainment Weekly explains its love for Kim. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter interviews Rhea Seehorn. Read on for more:

• Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about writing an episode directed by Vince Gilligan, Gennifer Hutchison says, "There's a real sense of comfort in knowing Vince would direct the episode, because I knew it would be good. All of our directors are great, but no one is more invested in the show than Vince and Peter Gould. It's their baby."

Entertainment Weekly explains its love for Kim, calling Kim and Jimmy's final scene in the latest episode "an ambiguous lead-in to the finale, but also a reminder of one essential truth about Better Call Saul: We already know where everyone else is going. But Kim Wexler can always surprise us."

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Rhea Seehorn, who says of Kim's shady side, "There's the evolution of that particular strain in her that we don't really know yet if it's innate versus acquired; and if it's acquired, then, where did it come from?"

• "The impetus behind that kind of dignity that Gus embodies — his grace and cordiality — I didn’t want to see the stereotypical gangster drug dealer, I wanted to see a mastermind," Giancarlo Esposito says to the Chicago Tribune about his portrayal of Gus.

CinemaBlend speaks with Jonathan Banks, who says, "I think Mike, for lack of a better word or term, has been in a dark place for a long time. Whenever the violence [started] in his life, and whenever it was considered an option, it started a long, long time ago."

• After watching the latest episode, Bustle concludes that "in case you had any doubts of how important Lalo is to the story, he proves with this gift [Hector's bell] that he's going to be pretty essential moving forward."

• Focusing on Lalo, Screen Rant surmises, "It feels like [Vince] Gilligan is setting the table for bigger things to come, and it'll be interesting to see if Lalo factors into the season finale. Since Saul knows Lalo and Nacho by name, it stands reason to believe he gets crossed up in cartel activities at some point during Better Call Saul."

Film School Rejects believes that "the makers of movie prequels are going to need to look at Better Call Saul for how to do prequels of any kind right."

Paste's best TV quotes for September includes Jimmy saying, "Many have tried to argue with Kim Wexler. All have failed," in "Piñata."

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