Season 4, Episode 9


Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo; Mike has cause to worry.

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Full Recap

Kim hobbles into the city hall building in Lubbock, Texas on crutches. She tells Shirley, a clerk in the Department of Building Safety, that she may have accidentally submitted the wrong proposal for Mesa Verde’s new bank branch in Lubbock. They compare blueprints and confirm that Lubbock has the correct proposal. Kim explains that she is a single mother and that her brother is helping watch her baby while she recovers from a sprained ankle. Jimmy, pretending to be Kim’s brother, Bill, walks in to inform her that the baby is hungry. Kim, whom “Bill” calls “Lizzie,” is immediately alarmed that “Bill” has ostensibly left her baby alone in the car, and hobbles out to tend to the baby. Jimmy leaves a leaky bag of breast milk on top of the Mesa Verde blueprint, and follows her to the elevator.

Kim returns, having tended to her fictional baby, and panics when she “realizes” that the milk ruined the set of plans. Sympathetic, Shirley lets Kim substitute in her copy of the blueprints. Kim secretly swaps in a doctored version that she had stashed in the poster tube that housed the plans — the plans that Kim had told Kevin at Mesa Verde were impossible to submit so late in the process. Shirley stamps the replacement plans to make them official.

Nacho and Lalo visit Hector at the Casa Tranquila nursing home. Lalo laments Hector’s condition, and notes that Hector needs a means for communication fit for a Salamanca. He then presents a bell appropriate to the front desk of a hotel. Lalo recounts the murder of the proprietor of a hotel in a fire that Hector set. Lalo now shares with Hector that he took the bell as a souvenir of the conquest. He places the bell under Hector’s finger. Hector rings the bell with gusto. Lalo then sends Nacho away so that he can talk to Hector alone about “the Chilean.”

Lalo later joins Nacho in the hallway and chuckles that he is the same old Hector: “Just wants to kill everyone.”

In a roadside diner on their way back to Albuquerque, Jimmy and Kim toast the success of their scam. Jimmy looks forward to his reinstatement and predicts that he will reap the benefits of the client development time he has put in with his drop phone customers who will no doubt need an attorney at some point. Jimmy once again suggests that he and Kim team up to help other clients like Huell avoid life-ruining sentences. Kim insists that they only use their powers for good. He counters that getting Mesa Verde a larger building for their bank isn’t exactly good, but eventually backs off, opting to avoid an argument and extend the afterglow of their scam.

In the superlab pit, Kai sets an explosive in the construction zone as Werner further preps for the impending demolition. Kai and Werner rejoin Mike the rest of the Germans topside in the industrial laundry. Meanwhile, Tyrus parks a tractor-trailer down the road from the laundromat.

Werner notices a problem with the circuit and insists on checking the wiring on his own. His hands begin to tremble as he inspects the wiring - a panic attack setting in. He takes a moment to collect himself then figures out the problem.

Werner reemerges and alerts Mike that the problem has been solved. Mike tells Tyrus over walkie talkie that everything is ready. Tyrus starts up the truck.

Mike notices Werner’s hand tremble.

Tyrus drives toward the laundromat and counts down from five. Kai detonates the explosive right as the truck passes over a trench plate on the road, successfully concealing the blast.

Later, Werner’s crew celebrates in the warehouse. Mike sees Werner sitting alone and asks what’s bothering him. Werner admits that he feels lost without his wife and asks to take a short trip back to Germany. Mike gently rejects the idea, but offers to set up an extra phone call with Werner’s wife the next day.

A Los Pollos Hermanos employee alerts Gus that some likely unwelcome guests have arrived at the restaurant.

Gus greets Nacho and Lalo at their table. He invites Lalo to his office, and gives Nacho a disapproving look.

Lalo thanks Gus for saving Hector’s life and playfully speculates that Don Eladio intentionally keeps them at odds. Gus insists he is happy with Don Eladio’s arrangement. Lalo tells Gus he will be in town for a while and to seek him out if he ever needs a favor.

Nacho informs Lalo that Gus has a chicken farm outside of town. Lalo tells Nacho to bring him to the farm.

Jimmy calmly waits in a hallway of the state bar building for his reinstatement hearing to begin. The clerk calls him in.

Jimmy sits before the reinstatement committee and answers questions about his suspension. He provides copious documentation of his good works during his excommunication, and speaks with conviction and passion about his clients. Further he compellingly explains that nothing like this will ever happen again.  One of the committee members asks him what the law means to him. Initially on his back foot, Jimmy rises to the occasion and responds to the broad question thoughtfully, but without mentioning Chuck. The chairman says they will send a decision letter within a few days.

Jimmy waits in the hallway and flags down the clerk as soon as she leaves the room. Her face says it all: The committee is denying his reinstatement. Jimmy chases down the chairman and demands to know what he did wrong. The chairman explains that some members of the committee found Jimmy to be insincere.

Mike checks in with the guards in the security trailer. A guard informs him that Werner has been on the phone with his wife for an hour-and-a-half.

Werner ends his phone call and strolls to his prefab house. He quietly looks at the security cameras around the warehouse.

Kim wraps a congratulatory gift for Jimmy while participating in a conference call at work. Jimmy reaches her by cell phone with the bad news.

Jimmy drives to Kim’s office; they meet on top of the parking garage. Jimmy rants to Kim about the committee’s decision and accuses Kim of agreeing with the committee about his lack of sincerity. Kim tells Jimmy that the reason they thought he was insincere was because he didn’t mention Chuck. Jimmy gets defensive and turns on Kim for refusing to open a law practice with him. Kim points out that she is always on his side and cleaning up his messes. Kim angrily heads back to work leaving Jimmy in the parking lot alone.

Later, Kim sits in her condo clearly upset about the argument. Jimmy walks in and starts packing his belongings. He acknowledges that he messed up. Kim asks if he still wants to be a lawyer, he says yes. She suggests they start with that.

Mike stops by the security trailer and notices dead pixels on several monitors. A guard explains that he saw camera flares earlier in the day, but that they were brief and the monitors returned to normal. Mike immediately grows suspicious.

Mike and the guard enter the warehouse and discover that Werner is gone. Mike finds a letter and a diagram that Werner left on his bed. The guard finds broken locks on doors leading to the roof.

The guard walks onto the roof. Mike stands at the base of a roof access ladder and finds Werner’s laser pointer on the ground. He aims it at a security camera — creating flares.