Mad Men

Salvatore Romano

Salvatore Romano, a rare Italian amid Sterling Cooper’s predominantly WASPy corporate environment, is the agency's former Art Director. Sal lives with his wife Kitty outside Manhattan in an apartment mostly decorated by him. Quietly ambitious, Sal has expressed an interest in starting his own firm, where art would be the driving force behind the copy. More personally, he was the subject of switchboard operator Lois Sadler’s crush and the recipient of romantic overtures from Elliot, a salesman for Belle Jolie. The latter invites Sal up to his hotel room after the two share a few drinks, but Sal demurs. On a later business trip, Don witnesses Sal in a compromising situation with a male bellhop. After the incident, Don subtly conveys that Sal's private life isn't of interest to him, then gives Sal's career a boost by suggesting that he direct a television commercial for Patio Diet Cola. That leads to further TV work, but Don is forced to fire Sal after the latter rebuffs romantic advances from Lee Garner Jr., the son of a Lucky Strike executive, and Garner demands he be sacked.

Played by Bryan Batt

The 2008 SAG® Award-winning actor Bryan Batt is series regular Salvatore Romano in the critically acclaimed, multi award-winning dramatic series Mad Men. Batt has received rave reviews for his nuanced performance in the brilliantly written and ever stylish series, which encompasses the steamy world of 1960s Madison Avenue. In addition to Mad Men, Batt appears in the new Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler film Funny People released July 31. Batt is also a Broadway veteran, civic activist, designer, and co-owner of Hazelnut, a fine gift and home accessories shop in his home town of New Orleans. Hazelnut has been featured in The New York Times, House Beautiful, and Southern Accents. Batt has recently appeared on CNN, Martha Stewart as well as Regis & Kelly. His debut book, an irreverent "memoir" entitled She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother, is set for a spring 2010 release published by Harmony Books, a division of Random House. This charming and diversified southern gentleman lives tri-coastally, splitting his life between New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

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