Comic Book Men

Walt Flanagan

Walt Flanagan was appointed store manager of The Secret Stash upon its inception in 1997 by his high-school friend and store owner, Kevin Smith. Not only does Flanagan know more about comics than almost anyone, but he’s also an accomplished artist. Flanagan has penciled for several comic books including Cryptozoic Man #1, Karney and War of the Undead, all written by Bryan Johnson, as well as Batman: Cacophony and Batman: The Widening Gyre written by Kevin Smith. Flanagan may be most well-known for his small, but memorable appearances in several of Smith’s films including Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma, always uttering the immortal line, “Tell ‘em, Steve-Dave”– a line of dialogue that eventually became an award-winning podcast Flanagan hosts with Bryan Johnson and Brian Quinn. Flanagan is married to his beautiful wife Debbie and has two lovely daughters.