What Does Mike Ehrmantraut Really Think of Jimmy McGill?

This is the Jimmy and Mike partnership we've been waiting for.

Sure, we've seen the duo together before for the occasional odd job. Mike always seems a little disinterested in Jimmy, who generally as that  twitchy energy because he’s trying to sell Mike on some new scheme. But now? Now, they've been through a near-death experience together. Does that experience have any effect on Mike’s opinion of Jimmy? Jonathan Banks shares his perspective on the all-new Better Call Saul Insider Podcast.

What does Mike make of Jimmy? Does he think he's a joke? Does he feel for him after he’s just watched a deadly shootout in the desert, one that he was at the center of? Does he gain respect for him when he runs out into the road to draw out the last of the men hunting them, making a target of himself until Mike is able to set his sights on the man in the truck?

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