TVLine Interviews Jonathan Banks; Bustle Wonders About Lalo

This week, TVLine and TV Insider interview Jonathan Banks, while Bustle wonders about Lalo. Plus, IndieWire reports that Guillermo del Toro is a fan of Better Call Saul. Read on for more:

• Because of his son's death, "Mike’s soul is burned. And he’s not one of those people who [says] 'it’s all going to be OK.' It’s not OK. It’ll never be OK. So in his relationship with Gus, there’s not much Gus is going to do to intimidate Mike," Jonathan Banks tells TVLine.

• Speaking with TV Insider about Mike vouching for Werner, Jonathan Banks says, "I think Mike is worried that not only will it come back to bite Werner but come back to bite Mike and the security. This is really not a wise thing."

Bustle surmises that "while Lalo only shows up briefly in 'Coushatta,' he's surely going to cause a whole lot of trouble for Nacho and Gus Fring now that he has arrived."

IndieWire reports on Guillermo del Toro tweeting how he enjoys Better Call Saul "even more than BB, not to be a contrarian but because the evident stakes seem smaller but the moral downfall strike me as deeper, more poignant...Kim is the key!"

TV Guide writes, "Every Monday I sit down and watch not only my favorite show on TV, but also the best show on TV: Better Call Saul. It might actually be better than Breaking Bad, and the only people who will get mad at me for saying that are the idiots who watched Breaking Bad but never started Better Call Saul."

Paste is thrilled with the latest episode: "From Jimmy’s knowingly over-the-top Cajun twang to Kim’s thrill at the ruse ('Let’s do it again,' she says forebodingly), 'Coushatta' finds the series at its most artfully entertaining." takes a deep dive into the Freewill Baptist Church website dedicated to Huell, calling it "icing on the cake — absolute perfection and maybe one of the funniest websites I’ve seen in a while. Well, you’ll be excited to learn that the website is real."

• Michael Mando tells the Toronto Sun that Nacho "reminds me of the iconoclastic anti-heroes of the Japanese samurai films. Do you remember how they were these samurais without a master who get a moral calling and are willing to sacrifice everything on the line for their sense of their moral justice."

Paste explains, "Played with precision and grace by the extraordinary Rhea Seehorn—now in her fourth consecutive year giving the most underrated performance on television—Kim Wexler, with her taut blonde ponytail and sleek, simple pantsuits, has long been the object of her fans’ worst fears."

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