The Cast and Creators on the Shocking Threat Looming at Laura's House -- Inside HUMANS Episode 5

In the latest episode of HUMANS, Laura's hard work on the Dryden Commission pays off and violence against Synths becomes illegal. But not everyone is thrilled by the new prospect of living with humans.

Go Inside Episode 5 With the Cast and Creators

"Some Synths don't agree with that, they don't want to mix with humans. They want to keep to themselves; they believe they're superior," says Ukweli Roach, who plays Anatole.

And indeed, Anatole has a dark plan in store. "All the time that Max has thought Anatole was his friend, he's actually working for a different cause," says producer Vicki Delow.

Click here to watch the cast and creators give the inside scoop on Anatole's dark side and how Laura's greatest threat is already at home.

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