Season 3, Episode 5

Episode 5

Sam reels from recent events and Joe struggles to help him through it; truths are revealed and dangerous plans are put into action at the Railyard.

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Full Recap

After the Dryden Commission's visit at the railyard, the members vote on implementing a fine for assaults against Green Eyes. The majority, including Neha and Neil, vote in favor. Laura smiles.

In her apartment, Mia listens to a voicemail from Laura informing her of the protection measures. Later, a package is accidentally delivered to Mia that belongs to a neighbor.

Laura returns home after a long night at the Commission and finds Joe and Sam at the house. She stares in shock at Sam.

Laura and Joe speak in private about what's happened to Karen. Laura feels badly, but worries that "unwanted attention" will jeopardize the progress she's made with the Commission. Joe begs for help and Laura says he's allowed to stay the weekend with Sam.

At the railyard, the Green Eyes listen to the radio and hear about the new law protecting Synths from violence. Max wants to open the gates of their community again and get involved in the movement. Anatole thinks Max is moving too fast.

Joe sees Leo exiting Mattie's room and the two share an awkward beat.

Laura warns the family to keep quiet about Sam. She says they're on lockdown until they figure out what to do with Sam.

Mia returns her neighbor's package. Her neighbor, Iris, recognizes her as "the famous Mia" and invites her inside. After shutting the curtains, Iris introduces Mia to Dorian, a Green Eyes living with her.

At school, a new student named Audrey introduces herself to Mattie and asks for help with a coding assignment.

Joe and Laura sit down with Sam to gauge how he's feeling about Karen's death. Leo overhears. Sam says he understands what's happened to Karen and reminds them that Synths do not die the same way humans do. Sophie invites Sam to play with her.

Neil stops by the Hawkins home with a bottle of wine to celebrate Laura's latest win. Joe answers and Neil introduces himself as "Neil from work." In private, Laura tells Neil who Joe is. Neil apologizes for his behavior during her visit at his house and admits he's been feeling conflicted about all that's going on with Synth rights. Laura's involvement makes it hard for Neil to hate Synths and he wonders if he's just "not ready" for that.

Sophie marvels at the blanket fort Stanley helped make for her and Sam. Sophie tells Sam about games that children play, including Hide-and-Seek.

Leo watches Sam hide in Mattie's room. He has a flashback from his childhood of his father. He tells Sam he knew Karen "in a number of complicated ways" and offers his condolences. Sam registers that Leo feels sad. Leo tells Sam that they're alike, though Sam points out that he's synthetic and Leo is not.

Iris and Dorian show Mia an online forum where fans have been following and praising Mia's activism. Mia realizes there are other Green Eyes living amongst humans in secret. Iris asks for a photo together. As she goes to grab the camera, Mia asks Dorian if he's happy. Dorian admits he worries that the fight is all for naught.

Mia returns to her apartment and phones Laura. She tells Laura that the Synths need more rights. With more protection in place, Laura encourages Mia to visit the Commission building herself and make her demands.

During a game of Truth or Dare, Sam asks Sophie where bodies go after death. Sophie recounts that at her great grandmother's funeral, they put her in a box and buried her at a church.

Mia charges at home.

Max opens the railyard's gates.

Mia leaves the house, wearing Ed's mother's necklace, and heads for the Commission building.

Max smiles as he looks out beyond the gates.

Leo naps and dreams of a childhood memory where his father is fervently scribbling in a notebook. He wakes up in a sweat.

Laura gives Stanley permission to enter personal bedrooms so he can fully take care of house chores while she focuses on work. Mattie and Sophie leave for school, leaving Toby and Sam home with Joe. Toby searches online for employment opportunities and talks to Joe about his future. Sam leaves the house while they're engrossed in conversation.

Mia freely walks the streets while people record her on their phones. Laura calls her to inform her that she's contacted journalists to give her publicity.

Joe realizes Sam has left the house. Laura panics. They split up to search for him.

At school, Audrey praises the university's coding team who recently won a regional contest. When Mattie reveals she was the leader of the team, Audrey asks for more details about her coding experience. Mattie mentions someone who is "more than a friend" helped her realize her potential.

A group of supporters walk alongside Mia while journalists report live from the scene. Police officers shield her from angry opposition.

Sam wanders off and finds a graveyard where an elderly man talks to a gravesite. Sam tells him he's looking for a body at the church.

Joe apologizes to Laura for losing Sam and tears up as he remembers Karen's dead body. Laura comforts him. Joe receives a call from the elderly man.

Laura and Joe drive to find Sam and pretend to be his primary caregivers. Sam explains to Joe that he was trying to find Karen to restore her. Joe explains that the dead can't be brought back, and tells Sam that humans have funerals to say goodbye. They head back to the Hawkins home.

Max senses something wrong in Anatole and acknowledges Anatole's hesitance in opening the gates, but still defends his own decision. He thanks Anatole for his council and friendship.

Later, Anatole frees Agnes from the compact bunker that Max locked her inside of. He tells her their future is no longer safe in Max's hands and asks for her help.

Mia walks right up to the Commission building and requests to be seen.

Audrey asks Mattie to print something for her. When Mattie walks off, Audrey secretly plugs a USB device into Mattie's computer and activates a file. She pulls the USB device out before Mattie sees.

Mia waits outside for hours to be seen. Lord Dryden phones Laura from his office to voice hesitation, but eventually obliges.

Mia phones Laura with news that she's been given a meeting for tomorrow.

Anatole and Max watch news coverage of Mia's latest success.

At the Hawkins home, Sam tells Sophie he doesn't want "his mom" to be dead. She comforts him.

Meanwhile, Leo tells Mattie that he always thought he was more Synth than human, and he no longer knows how to identify. He tells Mattie of a new memory he had of his father and wonders if his human brain is now recalling suppressed memories. He wants to go back to his childhood home to explore more of the connection. Mattie offers to come with him, then tells him about the new friend she's found in Audrey.

Audrey works in a computer lab and plugs her USB device into her laptop. She explores an exact clone of Mattie's laptop and realizes it was Mattie's coding signature matches the code that helped free Vijay. She makes a call and tells someone that she'll soon have a front page for them.

Agnes walks along the gates of the railyard on the outside. Anatole watches her go. Anatole calls Stanley and instructs him to "kill them all" tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Laura walks into the kitchen after Stanley hangs up with Anatole. She says she's having trouble sleeping with so much to think about, but heads back to bed to prepare for her "big day" tomorrow. "Yes, Laura," Stanley says. "Big day."