Strand's Journey: Relive His Essential Moments Before The Final Episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Drop

Survivor. Chameleon. Con man. Friend. Selfish. Selfless. Victor Strand has been any number of things throughout his many seasons on Fear the Walking Dead. He started out the series manipulating people, including Nick, to his own ends. When last we saw him towards the end of Season 7, he and Alicia said a heartfelt farewell to each other as he departed in a raft. We'll learn what happens next when the exciting conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead starts airing on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9/8c. Until then, check out The Best of Strand on and AMC+ (try AMC+ for free here) for a retrospective look at the episodes that encapsulate the twists and turns of Victor Strand's long journey.

Cobalt (Season 1, Episode 5)
Summary: This episode was Strand's introduction to the show. He meets Nick, a significant connection that links his fate to the Clark family from that moment on.
Strand's Best Line: (to Nick) "I look at you and I see someone who knows the meaning of necessity."
In this episode, viewers learn of Victor's conniving ways. Master manipulator that he is, he preys on a cellmate's fears and insecurities and gets him ejected from their communal cage. Then he focuses his attention on Nick. Realizing Nick is a heroin addict who could prove useful, Strand bribes a soldier with diamond cufflinks to allow Nick to stay in the cell, despite his fever.

Blood in the Streets (Season 2, Episode 4)
Summary: The audience learns some of Strand's backstory and Madison saves his life.
Strand's Best Line: (to Thomas) "If you're not gonna call the police, then I thank you. If you want a return on your investment, I'll oblige."
The Abigail is threatened by a group that boards the yacht. Strand tries to escape on a life raft, but an assailant shoots holes in it and leaves Strand for dead in the middle of the ocean. As Strand struggles to survive, flashbacks detail how he tried to fleece Thomas Abigail the first time they met, yet Strand impressed Thomas enough for the two to become a couple. At the end of the episode, once the assailants are subdued, Madison decides to rescue Strand after learning they can't get into Mexico without him.

Sicut Cervus (Season 2, Episode 6)
Summary: Our survivors arrive in Mexico, where Thomas dies and Strand puts him down.
Strand's Best Line: (to Thomas) "This world was never good enough for you. Let it go."
Strand, Madison and her family, Daniel, and Ofelia land in Mexico, where they take up residence at the luxurious Abigail estate. Strand is finally reunited with Thomas, who was bitten and is now dying. An anguished Strand stays by Thomas' side. Once he dies, Strand puts him down with a gunshot, incurring the wrath of Thomas' adoptive mother Celia, who believes that walkers are still people and keeps several of them locked up and roaming about in her cellar.

Los Muertos (Season 2, Episode 9)
Summary: Strand and Madison drunkenly bond at a hotel bar.
Strand's Best Line: (to Madison)"You need some color in your cheeks. You need a drink. I need a drink. Come now, it's medicinal."
In need of supplies, Strand, Madison, Alicia, and Ofelia pull up at an abandoned hotel. Strand and Madison settle themselves at the bar and connect over tequila. They discuss their pasts and how the two of them might have met in the pre-apocalyptic world. Madison's surprised Strand would have hit on her, but he tells her, "I'm a seducer of people, Madison." When a wasted Madison starts smashing glasses against the wall and Strand plays tunelessly on the piano, walkers converge and surround the duo at the bar.

Blackjack (Season 4, Episode 13)
Summary: Stuck on an island with John Dorie, Strand has a brief flirtation with optimism.
Strand's Best Line: (to John) "If I had a drink, this would practically be paradise. Of course, I had paradise, but I was drawn into a fool's errand at a time when fools routinely die."
John Dorie is determined to get off the island, while Strand seems equally determined to remain. When Strand finds a bottle of Lagavulin single malt whisky, he's even more determined to stay put. But John Dorie fashions a boat out of truck parts and buoys Strand with his optimism, getting him to agree to take the boat with him. Unfortunately, they don't make it and are forced to swim back to the island in defeat.

Welcome to the Club (Season 6, Episode 2)
Summary: Strand's given a position of authority by Virginia and exiles Alicia.
Strand's Best Line: (to Alicia) "We've been listening to other people for long enough. It's time we started making the calls for ourselves."
Virginia orders Strand and Alicia to clear a warehouse of walkers covered in molasses. They disagree over strategy because she wants to clear the walkers in hopes of getting a weapon that's rumored to be in the warehouse, while he wants to overpower Virginia's Rangers and escape. In the end, they succeed with Alicia's plan and Strand is rewarded by Virginia with a measure of authority. Even so, Strand decides he should have followed his instincts and tried to defeat Virginia. Believing that Alicia's presence kept him from doing that, he sends her away.

The Beacon (Season 7 Premiere)
Summary: Strand is the tyrant of the Tower and is still determined to keep Alicia away.
Strand's Best Line: "Don't spend a moment trying to make things right. Focus on showing them that they were wrong."
Strand is now the ruthless leader of the Tower, a haven from the nuclear apocalypse caused by Teddy's missile strike. He decides who stays and who goes and is intent on following even the basest of his instincts. In this episode, he encounters Will, who knew Alicia. Strand tells Will that attachments destroy people instead of making them strong, so he throws Will over the side of the Tower into the walker moat below in a bid to keep Alicia away from him. He predicts that Alicia "won't have anything to do with me after this."

After being adversaries for most of Season 7, Strand and Alicia had reconciled by the end of it before parting ways. Strand has been absent so far in Season 8, but that will change once Fear the Walking Dead's final episodes debut on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC and AMC+Sign up for AMC+ here.