Screen Rant on Saul Becoming Bad; Patrick Fabian Talks to Fan Fest

This week, Screen Rant discusses the evolution of Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad, while Patrick Fabian is interviewed by Fan Fest. Plus, Paste includes a Season 4 Finale quote in its list of the month's best TV quotes. Read on for more:

Screen Rant lists "what still needs to happen for Better Call Saul to become Breaking Bad."

• Looking ahead, Patrick Fabian says to Fan Fest, "The one thing we know is there’s a story at hand that needs to be told, and I hope Howard will be involved someway. I still have this dream that somehow Gus and Howard are in a scene together. We don’t even have to talk, maybe eye each other’s suits like a peacock contest or something."

• One of Paste's best TV quotes in October is Jimmy saying, "S’all good, man" in the Season 4 Finale, "Winner."

• Patrick Fabian tells India's IANS that Better Call Saul "works in the seams of people's behaviour, in the silences, and as we look back over four seasons, those who have stuck with us I think have been rewarded with character breakthroughs that can be riveting."

CarterMatt surmises, "Jimmy’s made the decision to transition over [to Saul] and we’ve got a feeling that this is going to eventually devastate the few meaningful relationships he has left — including the one that he’s got with Kim Wexler."

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