Season 4, Episode 10


Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus' operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, Chuck stands beside Jimmy to vouch for him as he is sworn in at the New Mexico Bar.

Jimmy, Kim, Chuck, and some HHM colleagues celebrate Jimmy’s success at a karaoke bar. Jimmy begs Chuck to stay longer and invites him to sing a song with him. Chuck reluctantly joins Jimmy for a rendition of ABBA’s “Winner Takes It All,” and eventually takes center stage.

Chuck brings a drunk Jimmy back to his apartment and helps him into bed. They lay side by side and sing together.

In the present, Mike reads the letter that Werner left on his bed.

Mike instructs the security crew to search nearby highways as well as train and bus stations. He calls a money transfer agency to figure out if Werner’s wife wired him money. Hearing a transfer indeed occurred, he gets in his car.

Jimmy pretends to cry at Chuck’s grave. Two associates of Chuck’s who had served on a board with him approach to leave flowers at the grave and explain that they decided to visit after they heard about the upcoming law library dedication.

After they have taken their leave, Jimmy checks in with Kim, who is in her parked car at the cemetery with coffee and donuts. He predicts a long day ahead.

Lalo surveils the Los Pollos Hermanos factory farm and notices a commotion. He sees Gus and his crew rush to their cars.

Mike arrives at the money transfer office and asks the clerk if Werner Ziegler visited in the past few hours. He spins a tale that Werner has dementia and needs his diabetes medication. The sympathetic clerk informs Mike that Werner left an hour ago after making some calls on the pay phone. Mike asks to see the security camera footage.

The clerk shows Mike the footage of Werner. Mike notices Werner looking at travel brochures situated next to the pay phone.

Upon seeing Victor, Mike walks outside and meets with Gus in his SUV. Gus reads Werner’s letter, in which Werner promises to return to work after seeing his wife. Gus informs Mike that Mrs. Ziegler is scheduled to land in Denver in nine hours. Mike vows to find Werner and suggests Gus spare Werner’s life.

Mike instructs his security team to call every car service as well as hotels in neighboring states.

Mike returns to the money transfer agency while talking on the phone to one of his security guards. The guard reviews a transcript of Werner’s last call with his wife, noting a discussion about vacationing in hot springs. Mike spots several travel brochures for local hot springs resorts, and pockets them as he leaves the storefront.

Mike starts calling the resorts to see if Werner is registered at any of them.

Lalo who had trailed Gus to the money transfer office, now follows Mike in his car.

Jimmy’s UNM camera crew videotapes Howard at an unveiling party for the Charles L. McGill Reading Room. Two party guests debate the identity of the mysterious benefactor. A waitress — who is in fact a member of Jimmy’s camera crew — tells the partygoers that Jimmy is the donor.

Rich Schweikart remarks to Kim that half the attorneys in the region are at the party. He sees Jimmy mourning outside alone.

Kim joins Jimmy and suggests he return to the party. Jimmy vents about having to spend so much money to finance the dedication. Kim assures him that someone from the bar association will eventually hear about his good deed.

Mike notices Lalo’s car in his rearview mirror. He gets a pack of gum out of his glove compartment and starts to chew.

Mike pulls up to a parking lot entrance and takes a ticket from the machine. Lalo follows him into the lot.

In his car, Mike places a wad of chewed gum between two foil gum wrappers. He cuts off a driver who is exiting the lot and feeds his ticket into the exit kiosk. He then inserts the gum into the slot and jams the mechanism, preventing the cut-off driver — and Lalo — from exiting. A frustrated Lalo rear-ends the stalled car, pushing it through the gate, and races into the street, but Mike has already disappeared.

Jimmy sits with the assembled Charles L. McGill Scholarship Committee at HHM while Howard oversees the interviews of a group of high school finalists. Jimmy tries to make a case for a student with mediocre grades and a shoplifting incident on her record.

Feeling a kinship with the young woman, Jimmy chases her down outside HHM and informs her that she didn’t receive the scholarship. He rants that the deck was stacked against her, and encourages her to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Jimmy goes to his car. It doesn’t start. He bangs the steering wheel and breaks into tears.

Having lost Mike’s trail, Lalo visits the money transfer office and tells the clerk that like Mike he is on the hunt for his friend. The clerk eyes him warily and suggests calling the police instead. Lalo sneaks behind the counter and takes the clerk by surprise.

Lalo watches security video footage of Mike in the money transfer office. Next to him is a money transfer receipt with Werner’s name. In the background, lies the clerk’s crumpled body. On the monitor, Lalo watches Mike collect the travel brochures.

Werner lounges by a pool at a hot springs resort. Lalo calls Werner, pretending to be someone from Mike’s crew, he prods him for details about his project. Mike shows up and takes the phone from Werner. “Michael, is that you?” Lalo asks in response to the silence. Mike hangs up and orders Werner to get dressed.

An emotionally exhausted Jimmy returns home to find Kim mapping out his final statement to the bar association in anticipation of his hearing. Jimmy gets an idea and retrieves the letter that Chuck left him in his will.

Mike takes Werner to a desolate desert mesa. He calls Gus and insists on killing Werner himself, once he realizes that Gus is planning to send men to see to his end.

Werner begs Mike to send him back to the resort, then slowly realizes that Mike is going to kill him. At Mike’s urging Werner calls his wife and orders her to return home. Werner then takes a slow walk into the darkness allowing Mike to shoot him without further conflict.

Victor and Tyrus arrive on the scene. Mike tells them where to find Werner’s body.

Gale Boetticher walks around the unfinished meth lab construction site with Gus and marvels at the space. Mike arrives and wordlessly confirms to Gus that the situation with Werner has been resolved.

Jimmy and Kim wait outside the hearing room at the New Mexico Bar. Kim assures Jimmy that whatever happens, she will be with him.

Jimmy stands before a disciplinary board to offer his prepared statement. He begins to read Chuck’s letter then stops, saying the letter should remain between him and Chuck. He delivers an emotional statement and describes his lifelong desire to make Chuck proud. Kim and members of the board wipe away tears.

Back in the hallway of the hearing room, Kim hugs Jimmy to celebrate his triumphant and moving testimony which will assure his reinstatement. Jimmy marvels at his ability to fool the committee. Kim reels as she realizes that Jimmy was performing. A clerk alerts Jimmy that he has been reinstated. Jimmy informs her that he will be doing business under a different name — Saul Goodman, leaving a stunned Kim in his wake.