Saul Goodman Has Officially Arrived — Watch Episode 6 Now

With the trial over, Jimmy and Chuck can finally move on... kind of.

Given his plea agreement, Jimmy can't be a lawyer for at least one year. After calling all of his clients to let them know about the hiatus, Jimmy realizes that he still has his commercial running to promote his legal services -- and under his new agreement with the court, those commercials are illegal.

Watch Episode 6, "Off Brand" Now.

With no way of getting out of his contract of $4,000 in commercial spots, Jimmy needs to find a way to make his money back. Using his second best skill, Jimmy creates a commercial to sell his commercials -- and a star named Saul Goodman is born.

While Jimmy reels from the blow up between him and his brother, Chuck may be handling it even worse. Still shaken from Jimmy's con at the courthouse that exposed Chuck may not be as allergic to electricity after all, Chuck wraps himself space blankets and heads downtown to call the only person he thinks can help.

Can Jimmy and Chuck recover from the damage they've caused each other?

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