Peter Gould Teases Season 4 to USA Today; Variety on Saul Saturn Wins

This week, Peter Gould teases Season 4 to USA Today, which also has exclusive photos, while Variety reports that Better Call Saul won three Saturn Awards. Plus, Vince Gilligan tells Entertainment Weekly he really wants Walt and Jesse to appear on the show. Read on for more:

• Peter Gould shares Season 4's key art and exclusive photos with USA Today, saying that viewers this season will "start to better understand how the fun, slightly mischievous, but good-hearted man who was Jimmy became Saul, who does so many despicable things."

• According to Variety, Better Call Saul won a trio of Saturn Awards: Best Action/Thriller TV Series, Best Supporting Actor on Television for Michael McKean and Best Supporting Actress on Television for Rhea Seehorn.

• Referring to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan tells Entertainment Weekly, "I desperately want to see both of them on Better Call Saul. Peter [Gould] wants it, the writers do, the actors do."

Deadline reports that Comic-Con will feature a Better Call Saul panel on July 19 that will also see a premiere of Season 4's first episode.

Screen Crush spotlights the first Season 4 trailer, which "offers a quick peek at Victor tossing some bricks on a table for (presumably) Nacho, a pill bottle, an unknown man getting gunned down, a burning car, and Gus reminding some fool that he’s a little busy right now."

• Talking about Season 4 with The Independent, Vince Gilligan says, "As with Breaking Bad, there’s humour wherever we can find it provided it’s legitimate and well-earned. but those moments of earning it are now fewer and far between."

Entertainment Weekly debuts several Season 4 photos, including one of Jimmy and Kim at Chuck's funeral, and quotes Bob Odenkirk saying, "Everything moves faster. We’re getting closer to him being Saul, and when we met Saul he was already involved with characters from the Breaking Bad world."

Uproxx features a new Season 4 photo of Kim, speculating that she's "likely embroiled in a tense scene, as the folks behind the show have stated that the Wexler’s hairstyle often reflects her mood, and a ponty tail suggests tension."

• Given Melissa Bernstein's reveal that Lalo will make a Better Call Saul appearance, Uproxx reports that the "first and only mention of Lalo in either Saul or Breaking Bad comes [in] Bob Odenkirk’s very first episode of Breaking Bad, the episode fittingly called 'Better Call Saul.'"

/Film proclaims, "I honestly believe Better Call Saul has surpassed its predecessor Breaking Bad in every single way. I’m not saying I thought Breaking Bad was bad, mind you. I’m just saying that Saul has defied the odds to forge its own brilliant path."

• Meanwhile, Screen Rant declares that Better Call Saul "has stepped out of the shadow of its acclaimed predecessor and established itself as one of TV's top dramas in its own right."

Uproxx features Bob Odenkirk on The Late Late Show with James Corden reacting to fan theories about the show, including one where Jesse meets up with Gene in Omaha "after the events of Breaking Bad and convinces Gene to pull off one last heist together."

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