Season 2, Episode 8

Better Call Saul

When Badger finds himself in trouble with the law, Walt and Jesse seek the legal advice of a shady attorney, Saul Goodman. The DEA believe they may have finally caught up with the elusive 'Heisenberg.' Hank returns to Albuquerque, but his troubled mental state and demeanor cause Marie to worry.

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Full Recap

Sitting at a bus stop, Badger says, "I so smell bacon" when a nerdy guy tries to buy meth. Badger's instincts prove correct when the buyer, an undercover cop, busts Badger for dealing.

Jane and Jesse are cozily lazing on his apartment floor — he doesn’t have a bed yet — but she abruptly leaps up when he suggests they smoke pot. As she dresses, Jane explains she’s been in recovery for 18 months.

Marie tells Walt that she's worried about Hank. Since the ambush in Mexico, he's been holed up in bed but insists he's fine. Hank admits, "It's like Apocalypse Now down there," but tells Walt that seeing a shrink about the incident would kill his career.

Walt suggests that Hank could talk to him about it, but Hank says that they lack "experiential overlap." Walt says that they have more in common than Hank thinks, explaining how his cancer diagnosis helped him conquer his fear of everyday life. "That's the real enemy," Walt says. "So get up, get out in the real world… and you kick that bastard as hard as you can, right in the teeth."

At Jesse's apartment Walt and Jesse split up $90,000. Walt, expecting more, asks his partner about the missing money and Jesse explains that Badger hasn't put in his full amount. When Jesse calls Skinny Pete to see where Badger is, Pete tells him Badger's been arrested.

Pulling himself together, Hank greets his DEA ABQ colleagues with an enthusiastic "Honey, I'm home!" After settling in for a bit, Hank and Gomez head to the APD Station to question Badger about his blue meth.

Detective Getz, the undercover cop who busted Badger, tells him his troubles will disappear if he gives up his supplier. Before Badger responds, in pops Saul "Better Call Saul" Goodman, a wisecracking criminal attorney whose television ads proclaim, "I fight for YOU, Albuquerque!" Saul shoos Getz out of the room and hands Badger a card with his retainer fee written on the back. "Now what would two Feds want with that little twerp?" Saul asks when he spots Hank and Gomez.

Outside Saul's strip mall office, Walt hesitates, telling Jesse they should get Badger "a real attorney." Jesse thinks Saul is exactly what they need: "You don’t want a criminal lawyer," he says, "you want a criminal lawyer."

Walt loses a coin toss to determine who will go inside and pay Saul his retainer fee. He introduces himself as Badger's uncle, and Saul reports that the DEA wants Badger to lead them to a mystery man named Heisenberg.

Citing rumors that Heisenberg's associate crushed a man's head with an ATM, Walt asks if Badger should fear reprisals if he snitches. "The guy who got his head smooshed used to be a client of mine. His wife killed him," Saul replies. He plans to get Badger "singing like a canary."

"Ten thousand dollars," Walt blurts out before succumbing to a coughing fit. He doesn't want Saul to throw the case, but "no talking to the DEA," he says. Moments later in Jesse's car, Walt tells Jesse that Saul kicked him out of the office for trying to bribe him.

That night, Jesse and Walt don their ski masks, kidnap Saul, and haul him to a freshly dug shallow grave in a desert wasteland. "This afternoon, an associate of ours offered you ten thousand dollars," Jesse tells him. "You shoulda taken it." Saul informs them that he doesn't take bribes from strangers.

Jesse, gun aimed at Saul, instructs him to give Badger "the best legal representation ever," but says that Saul is dead if anyone snitches to the DEA. "Why don't you just kill Badger?" Saul asks. Jesse insists that's not an option.

Walt doubles over coughing and Saul recognizes him. Saul instructs Walt and Jesse to remove their masks and "put a dollar in my pocket — both of you." Now protected by attorney-client privilege, they hear Saul's assessment of their situation: "Somebody’s going to prison. It's just a matter of who."

In an interview with Hank, Badger describes Heisenberg as an older bald man. Back in Saul's office, Saul hands Walt the dossier for a bald ex-convict known as "Jimmy In-'N-Out," who will go to jail as Heisenberg for a fee. "Conscience gets expensive, doesn't it?" Saul comments when he outlines the cost: $80,000 plus a pound of meth.

The next day, Albuquerque police and the DEA stake out the bus stop bench where Badger was busted. Walt and Jesse watch from a distance in Walt's car. Badger shows up on time, but Jimmy is late. Eventually a different older bald man sits next to Badger, but Badger doesn't know this isn't Jimmy.

The real Jimmy sits down on a nearby bench, but Badger is busy soliciting the wrong bald guy, trying to make the deal. Walt speeds around the block to the bench and orders Jesse to intervene.

After Jesse exits the car, Walt zips over to the stakeout vehicle and blocks their view of the bench. "Hank! I thought that was you," shouts Walt. Jesse directs Badger to the correct bench and as Walt speeds away, Jimmy's arrest goes down as planned.

Jane drops by Jesse's apartment. Locked in a kiss, the two fall onto Jesse's latest purchase: A mattress delivered earlier that afternoon.

Saul visits Walt in his classroom, chiding him for being so easy to locate. Walt asks if Saul is blackmailing him, but Saul says that he isn't. Referencing The Godfather, Saul offers to play Tom Hagen to Walt's Vito Corleone.

"I'm no Vito Corleone," Walt says. "No s___," Saul replies. "Right now, you're Fredo." Walt has the right product but not the right connections and strategy, which Saul can provide. "If you want to make more money, and keep the money that you make," Saul says, adding his TV flourish, "Better Call Saul!"