Kim, Meet Saul Goodman. Saul, This Is Kim.

In Episode 6, Jimmy faces some harsh realities after the New Mexico Bar Association suspended his legal license for a year. In an effort to make back the $4,000 he spent on commercial time he can no longer legally use, Jimmy decides to produce and sell commercials to small business owners all over Albuquerque (and the air time is free!)

Meanwhile Kim's tired and overworked, as she is still knee-deep in Mesa Verde's needs. But when she sees Jimmy beaming about his latest venture, Kim begs to see the commercial. Little does she know she's about to meet the persona Better Call Saul fans have been waiting for: Saul Goodman. And she... well, she's really not sure what to make of him.

Watch Kim meet Saul Goodman for the very first time in this scene from the latest episode.

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