Inside How Saul Goodman Is Slowly Overtaking Jimmy

The battle between Chuck and Jimmy is over for now, but the weight of it is still all too real for Kim and Jimmy -- and they're handling that weight in very different ways.

Back at work, Kim has to face Paige, her Mesa Verde client, as she celebrates how Kim and Jimmy took Chuck down in court. While Kim should be thrilled that she won, she can't even pretend to be happy. "She's struggling with her conscience as much as she's struggling to move forward, and Jimmy's doing a better job not worrying about his conscience," Rhea Seehorn explains in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Episode 7 With the Cast and Creators.

While Kim breaks down, Jimmy's frantically putting the pieces back together without remorse. "Regret reflects what a good person [Kim] is, and Jimmy's lack of regret reflects how damaged he is and how hurt he is by his brother,” executive producer Melissa Bernstein says.

Hear the cast and creators dig into the uncharted territory of Jimmy's transition to Saul.

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