How Low Will Jimmy McGill Go? Watch Episode 9 Now

Jimmy's got a new plan for a big windfall of cash, even if it means pulling the wool over the eyes of his elderly former clients. When Jimmy learns Mrs. Landry has been advised not to settle in her lawsuit against Sandpiper Crossing, Jimmy goes to Mrs. Landry's friends and makes sure they know just how much money they stand to make if they settle now. It's the most Saul Goodman-esque move he's made so far -- and he doesn't even seem to care.

Watch Better Call Saul Episode 9 Now.

Meanwhile, Chuck is fighting an uphill battle of his own. After Jimmy spilled the details of Chuck's outburst at the board hearing to their malpractice insurance agent, HHM has another mess to clean up. But, like his brother, Chuck isn't one to take a loss easily.

Can the McGill brothers come out on top? Or will their persistence get the best of them?

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