New Technology Rekindles an Old Romance in the Two-Part Season Premiere

Season 3 left off with Joe, Gordon, and Cameron hitting the ground running on building the World Wide Web, while Donna was ousted from their project. The Season 4 Premiere launches us forward several years to find Joe and Gordon are running a now successful CalNect, Cameron is working with them from afar (kind of), and Donna is a partner alongside Diane at AGGE.

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Within those few years, the World Wide Web has grown, and CalNect is facing strong competitors, including the likes of AOL. But Joe has his sights on something bigger -- he just needs the right person to help him build it. With Cameron working from Tokyo, and Gordon focused on the ISP side of things, he's coming up empty handed. That is, until Cameron comes back to town. Meanwhile, Donna's ruthless approach to business has only grown stronger over the years, which means she has no plans on being left behind.

Find out how the shifts in tech have impacted Joe, Gordon, Cameron, and Donna in the two-part season four premiere available now on and AMC apps for mobile, Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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