From Maggie and Glenn to Rick and Michonne, the Most Memorable Couples in The Walking Dead Universe

The apocalypse isn't all bad. Sure, you have to deal with walker hordes trying to eat you alive, various bands of crazed survivors like the Whisperers and Saviors trying to kill you, the constant threat of starvation, and occasionally your actual friends might snap and try to kill you, but sometimes, sometimes, the circumstances of the end of the world put you exactly where you need to be to find true love. For many of the survivors of The Walking Dead Universe, that's exactly what happens. And while that true love likely won't be eternal or even particularly long-lasting (see the many threats enumerated above), if you don't believe in true love, what's the point? So after all these years of The Walking Dead Universe, which couples are the most memorable? Here's a selection of pairings that stand out...

Maggie and Glenn

TWD's original hot couple have the most tragic romantic arc in the show's history. It seems like they barely got a second of happiness together. Whether they were separated by the Governor's capture of Maggie, Glenn going missing in the tunnels, Glenn's presumed death with Nicholas, or Glenn's actual death, it was never easy—but that's the way love goes down in the apocalypse. Luckily, their legacy lives on with their son Hershel.

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Rick and Michonne

In many ways, they're the opposite of Glenn and Maggie, who shed their clothes one of the first times they met. Richonne, on the other hand, were basically family and already co-parenting before they were romantically involved. This felt like an organic, naturally evolving relationship more than any other on the show, which makes sense given the character's ages, relative maturity, and level of mutual respect. Unfortunately, like all things apocalypse, this one ended badly (for now?). Though Michonne is now off in search of Rick (who she knows is alive), it's possible they'll be reunited and we'll finally get a happy ending for once.

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Negan and Alpha

They're not a good couple, they're not a pleasant couple, they might not even really be a couple, but they certainly are memorable, even if it's the visceral memory of unpleasantness. That said, it does seem like there was genuine affection between these two. Negan was reluctant to murder Alpha -- and this is a guy who we saw absolutely relish bashing people's head in with a baseball bat. Similarly, Alpha appeared to have affection for just two people: Beta and Negan. She's a complete sociopath, so that's something.

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Dwight and Sherry

If Maggie and Glenn are an example of how tragic love is worth pursuing in the apocalypse, Dwight and Sherry are an example of why it might not be. Neither Dwight nor Sherry seem like inherently bad people, both love each other madly and that loves turns them into absolute monsters who... actually kind of hate each other? Man, the apocalypse is rough.

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John and June

Hey, it's a good old-fashioned love story! Girl washes up at boy's cabin. Girl and boy fight zombies together. Girl runs away and changes name. Boy finds girl by chance, and they reunite and get married. While they are separated by Virginia, it's always refreshing to see these two together and how much they genuinely care about each other.

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Jerry and Nabila

Much of this romance happens off-screen, but this is the ultimate normie couple. They have kids together, they seem to love each other, and all they want to do is protect each other, their family, and their friends. As far as we know, they never try to murder or betray each other. This is the good stuff.

Rosita and Father Gabriel and Siddiq and Eugene

The Walking Dead's first and only love diamond! While Siddiq's untimely death moved this down to a triangle, and it's possible Eugene has moved on and made Gabriel and Rosita a very traditional couple (boring!), this was fun while it lasted and has no parallels in the TWD Universe. Despite that downgrade, Rosita can sleep easy knowing that even after recently giving birth, she had something like 50% of the adult male population of Alexandria lusting after her.

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