Beyond Lauren Cohan's Return to The Walking Dead, Five Other Times Maggie Saved the Day

In The Walking Dead Season 10 Special Event, just when the survivors finally seem beaten by Beta, the Whisperers, and their walker horde, Maggie Rhee comes striding in and saves the day. As returns go, it's pretty damn triumphant (and very intriguing -- who is her friend in the mask?) but it really shouldn't be all that surprising.

After all, riding in to rescue her friends is the sort of thing Maggie has made a habit of over the years. In honor of Lauren Cohan's return to the series, we're celebrating five other times Maggie saved the day.

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Maggie's First Ride

Yep, Maggie's very first appearance on The Walking Dead was as a rescuer. It's fitting then, that she returns in the same way. When they first meet, Maggie witnesses a panicked Rick heading towards her family farm, carrying a gravely injured Carl. Maggie rose to the moment, setting a pattern that she'd follow for years to come. She calls for medical help, and volunteers to set off in search of Lori. She heads into the woods on horseback, where she encounters the rest of the group -- including Daryl, Glenn, Carol, and Andrea -- and promptly saves Andrea from a walker bite. If you didn't realize then that these heroic actions would define Maggie, you'd have plenty of opportunities to make this realization down the road.

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Maggie Delivers Judith

With the Prison under siege by walkers and Lori in need of an emergency C-section, Maggie faces an impossible choice and doesn't hesitate. Sure, she does try to convince Lori not to make her do it, because she knows the ultimate cost. When it becomes obvious that this is what needs to happen, Maggie literally cuts Judith right out of Lori in one of the show's most important, disturbing moments. That's Maggie for you.


Maggie Saves Sasha With a Street Sign

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life hands Maggie a street sign, she makes dead walkers. And when her friend Sasha comes under attack from a group of walkers, Maggie uses that street sign to destroy a group of the undead, saving Sasha like it's nothing and coming to the rescue once again.


Maggie Saves Hilltop

When the Saviors ambush Hilltop with a locked, parked car blaring music, they're lucky Maggie was there hiding out. No matter that she's pregnant, in hiding, and grieving from Glenn's very recent death. Hilltop's soon to be fearless leader springs into action! She starts ordering the defenses of Hilltop (while Gregory does... nothing), and in one of her most badass moments, drives a giant tractor over the walkers and the car to stop the music. This is the moment she became the Hilltop's leader, and the moment Gregory's demise begins in earnest.

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Maggie Kills an Impossible Amount of Walkers to Save Cyndie

When Cyndie and Maggie search for a missing member of Rick's bridge work crew, they instead find a house filled with walkers. The walkers look trapped, but surprise, they bust down the door and fall right onto Cyndie. It would mean certain death for the Oceansider were Maggie not with her, but Maggie takes out six (yes SIX!) walkers in an epic bit of undead slaying.

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