First Look at Maggie’s Return to The Walking Dead

When The Walking Dead Season 10 Special Event airs later this year, Beta and the Whisperers are coming to destroy the survivors once and for all.

But someone else may be coming, too.

That's right, Maggie Rhee is finally back!

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Will she come to the survivor's aid quick enough to save the day? Only time will tell. But, in the meantime, get a first look at her return to The Walking Dead with a sneak peek of the Season 10 Special Event.

The stakes are dire, with the Whisperers hounding the group, but they have allies.

First there's Maggie. And second, a mysterious masked newcomer is also seen helping the survivors fight off Whisperers in the woods. Who is the man in the mask? Could this be the key ally the survivors need to finally defeat the Whisperers?

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Watch the scene now for your first look at the battle ahead.

Watch the Extended Opening Scene From The Walking Dead Special Event:

Then, get a primer on another iconic character shaking up the world of TWD: Princess.

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