Cast and Creators on Why Jimmy's Latest Con Was the Final Straw

Jimmy's transition to Saul is slow and painful, and not just for him. As the financial pressures weigh Jimmy down, he places a wedge between his former client Mrs. Landry and her friends to force their settlement in the SandPiper Crossing case.

Cast and Creators Go Inside Episode 9.

Jimmy's plan goes into full effect when Mrs. Landry breaks down into tears over the loss of her friends, but Jimmy doesn't let up. Instead, he dibes a little bit deeper into Saul Goodman. "Being somebody who kind of destroys a little old lady for money? That's despicable," producer Gordon Smith says in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Meanwhile, Mike is taking risks to put his money in the right place: the hands of his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. To do this, he needs a way to funnel his money. This brings him to the desk of Lydia, who takes charge in a way that might be surprising to some. "The Lydia that we meet in Breaking Bad has just had her whole world blown apart. Here... we kind of actually see why Gus would work with her in the first place," Smith  notes.

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