Episode 8 Sneak Peek — Things Get Awkward When Howard Interrupts Kim’s Meeting

On the next Better Call Saul Kim can't even have  quiet working lunch with her clients Paige and Kevin from Mesa Verde. Shortly into their meeting, Kim spots Howard stroll in with a group of his own clients, and even thought the duo hasn't seen each other since Kim questioned Howard on the stand at Chuck's hearing, Howard stops by for an awkward hello. Or is he trying to make Kim look bad?

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 8.

Although Kevin takes the opportunity to praise Kim, Howard adds a sly insult, taking credit for grooming Kim into the attorney she is.  “Seems like just yesterday she was logging hours in doc review," Howard says, rubbing even more salt in the wound. 

So, is Howard out to hurt Kim? See the tension between the former colleagues in this sneak peek of an all-new Better Call Saul tonight 10/9c.

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