Cast and Creators on How Mike and Gus Further Cemented Their Relationship

Jimmy's ideas to dig himself out of this hole he's in has not paid off, and as the desperation mounts, his moral compass begins to shift.

"The Jimmy that we know and love is extremely motivated by his love and care for other people... and Saul is entirely motivated by self interest," co-executive producer Diane Mercer says in a new behind-the scenes video. "It's really fun to see when they're at the overpass this is the first time we see him actually defend a client he knows is guilty."

Go Inside Episode 8 With the Cast and Creators.

While Jimmy falls deeper into Saul's ways, Mike is taking his own steps toward a darker path. Stick with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the floor of his coat closet that he wants to be able to leave for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Mike goes to the one person he knows who can help: Gus Fring.

"[Mike is] gonna dance with the devil. You do that, and you don't know where that's going to lead," Jonathan Banks warns.

Hear the cast and creators break down the dark paths Jimmy and Mike are both on this season.

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